Your Birth Plan Is None of My Business

Interesting things show up on my Facebook feed from time to time, often courtesy of Heather over at The Parenting Patch.  She shared an article regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new wording regarding home births.  Really, having a home birth in mind is just part of your birth plan that takes more planning than… say, deciding that you want soft music at the hospital.

Heather loves to cite statistics that back her reasoning for having a home birth with her daughter.  (Okay, Heather loves statistics in general.  But that’s cool; statistics are extremely useful when making a point.)  However, I’ve come to a conclusion regarding the writing of a birth plan.  Statistics to defend or convince others about your birth plan are unimportant.

Your Birth Plan Is None of My Business (Motherhood Looms)

Does it matter how she got here, as long as it was a positive outcome?

There’s a very simple reason as to why: your birth plan is absolutely none of my business.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have a hospital birth, epidurals, and as drugged up as a birth as hospital policies will allow or if you want to give birth under an oak tree in the woods with a circle of women dancing and chanting around you, then catch the baby yourself and feed the placenta to a passing wolf.  Whatever.  It’s entirely up to you.

It’s your birth plan.  It’s your body.  It’s your baby.

There are times, of course, when I think that someone’s birth plan may be a little outlandish.  That being said, it does not matter.  It falls squarely in the category of things in life that are not my business.  If you ask “what do  you think about my birth plan?” and you’ve decided that you want to… oh, I don’t know, cut the umbillical cord yourself with a sharpened rock in the woods, I will tell you why I don’t think it’s a good idea.  But if you don’t ask about my opinion on any aspect of your birth plan, who am I to tell you that it sucks?

What kind of reactions did you receive on your birth plan?

35 Weeks Pregnant and Blissfully in Love

Amazingly enough, we hit 35 weeks pregnant yesterday.  In two to five weeks, our little girl will make her arrival.  Aside from that obsessive nesting need to get everything done (which is even stronger at 35 weeks pregnant than it was at 33 weeks pregnant), the husband and I have finally gotten our rumps in gear and started our Hypnobabies Home Study Course in earnest.  Of course, since we delayed so long, we’re doing an “accelerated plan” that we found online.

We’ve got a doula, and she’s awesome.  We have a doctor who does not do c-sections, so really, it doesn’t get any better than that for a VBAC delivery.  Most amazingly, though, the more the husband and talk about Hypnobabies and why it’s so important to us that it works, the more I realize how absolutely amazing my husband is.

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