Birthday Party! #WordlessWednesday

The weekend before last, we had a double birthday party for my littles.  Norton was turning four and Eudora was turning two.  Since the littles are only eight days apart, they’re still at the age where a joint birthday party makes the most sense.

Norton's Balloon (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton loved his balloon from Grandma and Grumpy!

Eudora Balloon

Eudora is showing off her own balloon and her pretty party dress!

Lightning McQueen Cake

That’s one gorgeous Lightning McQueen cake! Norton loved it.
We hired a local WAHM baker to do the cakes this year so that Daddy could enjoy the weekend instead of spend it decorating cakes. It was WELL worth it!

Elmo Cake

Eudora had a “Melmo” cake. She was so happy to see it!

Norton's Cake

Norton was so quick to blow out his candles (and he blew all four of them out!) that we didn’t even finish singing Happy Birthday. In spite of holding the fork, he didn’t get to eat the whole thing.

Eudora was so cute blowing out her candles!  She only blew out one, but she got the idea.  That's pretty awesome.

Eudora was so cute blowing out her candles! She only blew out one, but she got the idea. That’s pretty awesome.

My babies are now two and four!  Happy birthdays to my Norton and Eudora.  I’m looking forward to many more.


Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

Happy Birthday, Norton!

Three years ago today, I started the day out like this:

Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

Obviously, I was quite uncomfortable and just dying for a certain little boy to make his exit.

It took a while.  There was a lot of time lying around the hospital and waiting for my scheduled cesarean.  The cesarean was only scheduled because of risks of complications due to a variety of other things.  (It was not an elective c-section.)  Still, though, I spent the day lying around the hospital, absolutely hungry and desperately thirsty.  I was eager for Norton to get out.  Sure, I was ready to not be pregnant anymore, and I really wanted food.  But I was also looking forward to finally meeting my little boy.

The husband and I had some plans in place.  He was going to go in the operating room with me and hold my hand while our baby boy was making his entrance.  As soon as Norton was out, he was going to accompany our boy to wherever he went.  Norton would never, ever be left alone.

I missed a few things.  I wasn’t around for this.

When I was stitched up and done, I wasn’t really in a state to hold him, as I had to be sedated for the surgery.  There were some things that I didn’t get to do, like his first bottle.

But once I was?

I was in love.

Still, though, there were some things that I wasn’t able to do quite yet.  Actually, I never mastered the art of the Baby Burrito.

Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy (Motherhood Looms)

Fortunately, there were swaddles for that.  Still, I’m pretty darned amazed that he went from being that tiny little boy (well, not quite so tiny; he was eight pounds and four ounces) to being my running, climbing, testy, determined, sweet little boy.

Happy birthday, Norton!

Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy (Motherhood Looms)