Breastfeeding Pics – Why Take Them?

I was hanging out on Facebook last night (because I live there when I’m online) and came across an interesting question.  Why do people take breastfeeding pics and put them on Facebook?

Before anyone starts thinking that she’s anti-boob or what have you, she is breastfeeding her child.  However, the idea of having breastfeeding pics taken and splashed on the web was outside of her comfort zone.  And before anyone thinks that they need to come after her with a pitchfork or a boobie beanie… it was a very respectful conversation.

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Breastfeeding Rights Under Fire This Week

It’s funny.  For someone who never breastfed and never wanted to, I’m a pretty fierce breastfeeding rights advocate.  This week, though, has been a week where a breastfeeding rights advocate will have a lot to do.

It seems like there’s always someone out there willing to quash another person’s civil liberties.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about racial equality, gender equality, marriage equality, or anything else.  If it doesn’t apply to them, then no one else should have it because it’s different from (and therefore somehow offensive to) someone else. [Read more…]

Breastfeed in the Bathroom

Over the weekend, I attended a nurse-in at Pine Centre Mall in Prince George.  It was a nurse-in that didn’t have to happen… had it not been for an employee making it necessary for the moms of Prince George to ban together to protect our rights.  It started with a security guard telling a breastfeeding mom that she couldn’t nurse in the play area, even though she was watching her toddler and the rules (along with common sense) say not to leave your child unattended.  It could have been avoided had the manager that the mom escalated to not backed the security guard.  And then it could have been de-escalated immediately had the mall’s social media person not mentioned the “option” to breastfeed in the bathroom. [Read more…]