Breastfeeding Women and Entitlement

A couple of weeks ago, there was a huge breastfeeding issue with Pine Centre Mall, the mall in Prince George, BC.  They told a breastfeeding mother that she was not allowed to nurse in the play area.  Of course, this meant rallying the troops: breastfeeding women and non-breastfeeding women joined together.  Instead of this becoming a nasty mommy war, we all stood together, unified, regardless of feeding method.  Pine Centre Mall changed its policy the same morning we had a nurse-in. [Read more…]

Public Breastfeeding – Why is this an Issue?

There are a lot of parenting issues out there.  Some of these parenting issues are crucial, both to the health of the individual and the health of the majority (vaccinations).  Some of these parenting issues are a matter of prerogative.  (How ’bout using cloth diapers or babywearing?)  And some of these parenting issues are absolutely stupid.

Yes, I said it.  It is stupid.  And the number one on my “this is stupid” list is public breastfeeding.

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Hot Topic Tuesday – How Long Should a Breastfeeding Mom Keep Up?

When it comes to how a woman feeds her baby, we have an interesting paradox.  On one hand, a breastfeeding mom with a newborn doesn’t seem to be a big issue.  If anything, that breastfeeding mom is given accolades for being such a good mom and doing the right thing for her baby.  She might be suffering, miserable, and working her way through it in the beginning, but she’s got some amount of social support.

As that baby grows up and beyond the tiny newborn phase, the support for the breastfeeding mom seems to wain.  In spite of the fact that it is illegal in most of the states (I think all of them, actually) and all of Canada, women are frequently sharing their stories of being asked not to feed their babies.  This fickle support begs the question: when has a breastfeeding mom been breastfeeding too long?

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