Breastfeeding Pics – Why Take Them?

I was hanging out on Facebook last night (because I live there when I’m online) and came across an interesting question.  Why do people take breastfeeding pics and put them on Facebook?

Before anyone starts thinking that she’s anti-boob or what have you, she is breastfeeding her child.  However, the idea of having breastfeeding pics taken and splashed on the web was outside of her comfort zone.  And before anyone thinks that they need to come after her with a pitchfork or a boobie beanie… it was a very respectful conversation.

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Breastfeeding Photos and Facebook

You’d think that after the brouhaha on Facebook about breastfeeding photos on Facebook last year (and Facebook developing an official policy regarding those breastfeeding photos), people would be over it.  After all, it’s Facebook.  Facebook, the land of young people publicly sharing the stupid things that they do and employers using said stupid things as a reason to fire or not hire someone.  You’d think that since photos worthy of Girls Gone Stupid or whatever the drunksploitation videos are called show up on a regular basis, no one would bat an eyelash at breastfeeding photos. [Read more…]