Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – MC Sewing

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - MC CreationsHappy World Breastfeeding Week!  Breastfeeding advocacy never looked so cute as it does on this little eighteen month old princess.  The diaper is made by MC Sewing, a Canadian WAHM.  These diapers are a great fit on slender little ones.  Our model has plenty of room left to grow!

You can find out more about MC Sewing on her Facebook page.

Breastfeeding Pics – Why Take Them?

I was hanging out on Facebook last night (because I live there when I’m online) and came across an interesting question.  Why do people take breastfeeding pics and put them on Facebook?

Before anyone starts thinking that she’s anti-boob or what have you, she is breastfeeding her child.  However, the idea of having breastfeeding pics taken and splashed on the web was outside of her comfort zone.  And before anyone thinks that they need to come after her with a pitchfork or a boobie beanie… it was a very respectful conversation.

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Breastfeeding Rights Under Fire This Week

It’s funny.  For someone who never breastfed and never wanted to, I’m a pretty fierce breastfeeding rights advocate.  This week, though, has been a week where a breastfeeding rights advocate will have a lot to do.

It seems like there’s always someone out there willing to quash another person’s civil liberties.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about racial equality, gender equality, marriage equality, or anything else.  If it doesn’t apply to them, then no one else should have it because it’s different from (and therefore somehow offensive to) someone else. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Photos and Facebook

You’d think that after the brouhaha on Facebook about breastfeeding photos on Facebook last year (and Facebook developing an official policy regarding those breastfeeding photos), people would be over it.  After all, it’s Facebook.  Facebook, the land of young people publicly sharing the stupid things that they do and employers using said stupid things as a reason to fire or not hire someone.  You’d think that since photos worthy of Girls Gone Stupid or whatever the drunksploitation videos are called show up on a regular basis, no one would bat an eyelash at breastfeeding photos. [Read more…]

BabyKicks Nursing Pads


BabyKicks makes some pretty good cloth diapers, but I bet you didn’t know that they also make nursing pads!  Yep.  If you are a heavy leaker, just had your baby and started nursing (ouch, the engorgement!), or are just looking for something to last you all night, BabyKicks nursing pads might be just what you are looking for. [Read more…]

Momme Meals Go Chews Review

Momme Meals- ClothDiaperingAgain.com

I wrote about Momme Meals® here, so you can check that post out if you want more details about the business (which is awesome!). [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Women and Entitlement

A couple of weeks ago, there was a huge breastfeeding issue with Pine Centre Mall, the mall in Prince George, BC.  They told a breastfeeding mother that she was not allowed to nurse in the play area.  Of course, this meant rallying the troops: breastfeeding women and non-breastfeeding women joined together.  Instead of this becoming a nasty mommy war, we all stood together, unified, regardless of feeding method.  Pine Centre Mall changed its policy the same morning we had a nurse-in. [Read more…]

Breastfeed in the Bathroom

Over the weekend, I attended a nurse-in at Pine Centre Mall in Prince George.  It was a nurse-in that didn’t have to happen… had it not been for an employee making it necessary for the moms of Prince George to ban together to protect our rights.  It started with a security guard telling a breastfeeding mom that she couldn’t nurse in the play area, even though she was watching her toddler and the rules (along with common sense) say not to leave your child unattended.  It could have been avoided had the manager that the mom escalated to not backed the security guard.  And then it could have been de-escalated immediately had the mall’s social media person not mentioned the “option” to breastfeed in the bathroom. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Rights and Social Media

Through the years, I’ve read things on Facebook about my friends attending nurse-ins because a local to them place decided to tell a nursing mother to cover up or to leave.  It was important for those lactivist friends to educate and use their superior numbers to let the business in question know that these women would be standing up for their breastfeeding rights. [Read more…]

Supply Issues and Breastfeeding #NationalBreastfeedingWeek

I didn’t actually breastfeed, but when I was exclusively pumping for Norton, I absolutely did worry about supply issues.  Meg, Eudora’s future mother-in-law, has managed to breastfeed Huan for sixteen months and counting.  Here’s her advice on supply issues:

Once you’ve got your latch figured out, supply issues seem to be the next obstacle to overcome.  Babies go through growth spurts around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months.  During these growth spurts, they will give the term “nursing on demand” a whole new meaning.  You may as well make those 2-3 days at a time a write off and stay home.  You will be on demand more than off. [Read more…]