Perfect Latch #NationalBreastfeedingWeek

I’ve never breastfed… beyond one brief moment when a nurse helped me get Eudora latched on at the hospital.  That means that I, obviously, never had any idea of what it’s like to master that perfect latch.  Meg, Huan’s mommy and Eudora’s future mother-in-law, is awesome and worked with Huan to get the perfect latch as part of successful breastfeeding. [Read more…]

Beginning a Nursing Relationship

Since I’ve never breastfed, I can’t really be much of an advisor during National Breastfeeding Week.  Beginning a nursing relationship is far from an area of expertise for me… but I’m fortunate to have friends.  Meg, Huan’s mommy and Eudora’s future mother-in-law, has been breastfeeding for nearly a year and a half.  Here’s her story on the early days of establishing a nursing relationship with Huan. [Read more…]

Building a Breastfeeding Log When Not Breastfeeding

I’m planning on exclusively pumping for Norton.  I’m also hoping that I’ll develop a massive stock pile and will be able to quit pumping months before he stops consuming breast milk.

Based on everything that I’ve studied and researched, I’m realizing that building a breastfeeding log will be crucial to making this a successful process.  For example, a breastfeeding mom might keep track in her breastfeeding log what time she breastfed and which breast she emptied.  She might very well keep track of what she ate in case she’s noticing that baby is becoming fussy, gassy, or pukey at certain feedings. [Read more…]

Dear Breastfeeding Mom – Don’t Stop on My Account (or Anyone Else’s)

I’m not a breastfeeding mom.  I have never been a breastfeeding mom and I will most likely never be a breastfeeding mom.  I’m okay with that.  I’m also okay with other people breastfeeding, even though I used to actually be uncomfortable around women who are breastfeeding.  (Even then, though, I never felt that my discomfort was a reason for someone to feel like she shouldn’t be able to feed her kid.  My discomfort, my problem.) [Read more…]

Public Breastfeeding Does NOT Equal Public Fornication

While I’m not what you’d call a lactivist, I’m very much in favour of protecting the rights of others.  A breastfeeding mom has a right to public breastfeeding that I don’t think anyone should attempt to infringe upon, regardless of someone else’s personal discomfort.  Fortunately, the government of Canada has made it illegal to even suggest to a breastfeeding mom that public breastfeeding is not allowed in a public establishment.  It falls under the category of “sex discrimination.”  Similar laws exist in various states in the U.S. [Read more…]

Breastfeed That Baby! (And other forms of pressure)

The Duchess of Cambridge is due pretty much any time now.  Good for her.  I hope that they’re happy, that their baby is healthy, and that the Duke and Duchess are able to be the kinds of parents they want to be.  And I really, really hope that people remember that she’s going to be a first time mother, not a symbol.  However, suggestions that she needs to breastfeed that baby for the public good don’t exactly do that. [Read more…]

Feeding Babies Formula Will Turn Them Into Trolls

This just in: feeding babies formula will turn them into trolls.

Okay, not really.

I’m down with breastfeeding, as long as it’s not my breasts doing the feeding.  I will never even try to refute the medical superiority of breastfeeding.  I’ll support the rights of any woman to breastfeed any time and anywhere.  Some of my closest friends have breastfed right in my living room.  What I really, really hate is the pro-breastfeeding people making ignorant statements about feeding babies formula. [Read more…]

Public Breastfeeding and Mommy Wars – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I hate it when public breastfeeding becomes a topic of discussion.  Absolutely.  Loathe.  It.  Why?  Because public breastfeeding seems to ignite the mommy wars, and either way, someone is going to either feel bad over something or someone will try to make someone else feel bad over something.

Today, I saw it on LiveJournal.  A mom posted about how she was pretty ticked because a bookstore employee in the children’s department acted like she was a deviant because she was nursing her child.  The employee actually made more of a scene with telling the mom that she was exposing herself, blah blah blah than the mom did with breastfeeding.  (And she was taking pains to be discrete without burying her kid’s head under a blanket.)

[Read more…]

Extended Breastfeeding and Comments from the Peanut Gallery

I am not, nor have I ever been, a breastfeeding mom.  It’s not my bag.  (I’ve blogged about it already, so I’m not going to rehash here.)  Even though I’m not a breastfeeding mom, I certainly have my opinions when it comes to extended breastfeeding.

I’m not sure that I feel comfortable declaring that there’s a universal age when everyone should stop breastfeeding.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a psychologist.  Therefore I don’t really feel qualified to tell someone else when she should stop breastfeeding.  (Mind you, if you tell me you’re breastfeeding your college freshman, I might point out that it’s gone on far longer than is socially acceptable… but I’m not aware of any freshmen taking trips home during lunch for some mommy milk.)

[Read more…]

Public Breastfeeding – Why is this an Issue?

There are a lot of parenting issues out there.  Some of these parenting issues are crucial, both to the health of the individual and the health of the majority (vaccinations).  Some of these parenting issues are a matter of prerogative.  (How ’bout using cloth diapers or babywearing?)  And some of these parenting issues are absolutely stupid.

Yes, I said it.  It is stupid.  And the number one on my “this is stupid” list is public breastfeeding.

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