Summer Bucket List for 2014

It’s definitely summer!  Schools in BC are out now as the teachers are on strike.  (And I totally agree with them, but that’s the subject of another blog post.)  The weather is beautiful, and Prince George is a veritable outdoor wonderland of parks and forests and things to do.  With that in mind, here’s my summer bucket list.

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Finger Painting Leaves the Bucket List

Last week, I figured out all of the fun stuff that I was hoping to do with my kids this spring.  One of the big ones was that I wanted to work on my own avoidance of things that make messes… and I wanted to let the kids loose on finger painting. [Read more…]

Spring Time Bucket List

Finally!  Spring is here.  Sort of.  Okay, the calendar says it’s spring.  My driveway is clear of ice.  Most of the snow has melted away from my front yard… but my back yard still has a couple of feet of white stuff covering the ground.  It’s warm enough to not need snow boots, but still generally too cool to go outside without at least a light hoodie.  It’s close enough for me to create my spring time bucket list.

Spring Time Bucket ListSpring Time Bucket List (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

1.) Go out to the woods with the dog (once the ice clears).  T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie is getting pretty lazy, and we’re both carrying a few more pounds than we should.

2.) Get the kids finger painting.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made finger paints for Norton, and I’ve never made them for Eudora.

3.) Fluffy play date (“no pants party” to show off the fluff) for the littles in our cloth diapering community.  It’ll be a bonus if I can get some cute matching fluffy bum pics.

4.) Take the kids to a library story time.

5.) Get Norton to actually ride his run bike.  He’s been asking about his bike, so maybe this will be the year he finally uses it.

6.) Paint Eudora’s toe nails with Piggy Paint.

7.) Take the kids to Exploration Place.

8.) Make Easter Egg Rice Krispy Treats.

9.) Color Easter Eggs

10.) Make Peeps cupcakes.

11.) Build Norton the most epic train layout ever.

Unfortunately, spring time in Prince George is a bit lacking.  There’s still snow, things are melting, and it’s not really nice out.  Summer, fall, and winter are the best times to do something around town.  But we’re here, we’ll make the best of it, and the kids will have some great fun.

Our summertime bucket list will be significantly longer and we’ll have more time to enjoy it.

What’s on your spring time bucket list?