One More Reason to Ignore Adult Cyber Bullying

I’m beginning to realize why I love Twitter.  I follow some pretty awesome people who throw out some pretty awesome pearls of wisdom.  And they even do it in 140 characters or less.  Today I found a tweet from Chalene Johnson that gave an excellent reason to ignore adult cyber bullying.  First, though, it’s important to realize that adult cyber bullying very rarely has anything to do with the recipient of the bullying.  It’s very seldom about the recipient at all.

In a perfect world, adults who disagree with each other over an idea would be able to look at each other and say “I disagree with your opinion on this issue, but that does not make you Hitler.  Nor does it impact your value as a human being.”  And then they’d shake hands and move on.  [Read more…]

Social Media Bullying and Blog Stalking

I’ve realized a few things since I’ve been a mommy blogger.  The biggest thing that I’m starting to realize is about adult bullying as it relates to blog stalking.  I joke with some of my closest friends that I’m blog stalking them because I read the vast majority of their blog posts.  But sometimes, blog stalking is really used just to help someone continue a social media bullying campaign.  What’s interesting is that social media bullying extends across all networks.  Passive aggressive pins even show up.

I’m watching a friend experience it right now.  I’m very proud of her for how she’s reacting to the campaign of bullying.  She’s keeping herself above the fray and deleting this person’s snide comments.  She’s ignoring the passive aggressive swipes that this person is taking at her through her own blog.  She refuses to rise to the social media bullying bait that this person is throwing at her. [Read more…]

Is This the Beginning of Preschool Bullying?

The other day, I took Norton to the Prince George Forestry and Railway Museum for a preschool field trip.  He loves trains, so I was just thrilled to take him to the museum.  The only thing that disappointed me is that I’d planned on having a family outing to the museum at some point in the summer.  At least, that was the only thing that disappointed me….  Right up until I caught what might be the beginning of preschool bullying. [Read more…]

Bullying, Parenting, Decision Making, and Court Complaints

While perusing my Facebook today, I found that an article was trending.  In this article, a teenaged girl who took bullying too far and into the realm of assault went to court.  The judge offered a deal for a reduced sentence.  The mother took it.  And now mommy is crying foul, claiming that she felt intimidated.

What happened?  Well, this brat and her friend decided that it was great fun to bully a three year old by cutting off the kid’s hair.  The mom of the three year old handled it amazingly well: rather than beating those little monsters to a pulp for daring to touch her child, she took it through the legal system.  A brat was found guilty, and the judge offered a deal: reduction of community service if Mom cut off the culprit’s hair.  Right there in the court room.  Mom did it, but now she’s whining and filing a complaint against the judge.

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