Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Butt-Ons

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Butt-Ons (Cloth Diaper Addicts) Cute fluffy bum alert!  Eudora is playing with her Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home… and she’s also more than a little tired of the flash on my camera.  Her diaper is a Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper.  Butt-Ons are created by a WAHM out of Ontario.

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Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Butt-Ons

butt-onsToday’s cute fluffy bum is Eudora!  She was exploring the Melissa & Doug alphabet sound board in her big brother’s clean room.  She’s modeling a hybrid fitted diaper by Butt-Ons.

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Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a WAHM cloth diaper maker in Ontario: Butt-Ons!  In order to facilitate this review, I was sent a Butt-Ons hybrid fitted cloth diaper.

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Construction

My Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper is a squishy grey/purple brocade outer with a soft, colorful plush cotton velour inner.  The soaker is a separate, floating insert with no attachments.  The top is the same fluffy pink as the inner with bamboo underneath.  There are three snaps per side with cross over options on the outer, and the rise is snap down.  The diaper has a hidden layer of fleece to make it a hybrid fitted, so it’s water-resistant, but not waterproof.  For daytime around the house, it’s perfectly fine to use the diaper without a cover and then change when the outer feels damp.  For naptimes and outings, it’s recommended to cover the diaper.

What’s Awesome About the Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper

Quite simply, my Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper is just plain beautiful.  The brocade outer is beautiful with a lovely texture.  Unlike a lot of brocades, it’s not at all scratchy.  It’s a soft outer with an interesting texture from the brocading.  The snaps have something different that I have never, ever seen: matte snaps.  That’s a nice little detail that just looks absolutely beautiful.  The softness of the bright pink variegated inner is a gorgeous contrast to the grey/purple outer.

Then there’s the craftsmanship: I’m pretty happy.  The stitching is neat and clean, and it looks like she used a nice quilting thread to sew.  The snaps are perfectly spaced.  The elastics on the Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper are very interesting.  The space for the elastics is wider than most diapers, but that’s because my Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper is made with 3/8 inch elastic instead of the standard 1/4 inch.  The tabs are rounded, which I’ve decided I actually prefer for crossover snaps.  The extra width of the channels for the elastics is an advantage when it’s time to replace them (because, let’s be realistic, if you use a diaper for multiple children, it should be expected to have to eventually replace elastics).  The softer edges of a rounded curve are (in my humble opinion, of course) a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a square when crossed.


Hannah and her sister also stand behind their product: the snaps and seams are guaranteed for thirty days: if anything goes wrong, mail it back and they’ll repair it and send it back to you free of charge.

I can’t forget the fit: it fits my little Eudora like it was made for her.  For a hybrid fitted diaper, I think it’s quite trim.  I suspect that’s because of the soaker being a floating pad instead of snapped into place.

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Butt-Ons Hybrid Fitted Diaper Downers

As much as I really love the diaper itself, the only grumble I have is the soaker.  I don’t care for how the ends are finished: one end started to fray a bit after I’d washed it, like the seam had slipped from the stitching.  However, that’s just me being nitpicky.  The soaker still works perfectly well, and it’s not like it’s actually seen.  Then there are the elastics: because the channels for the elastics are so wide, the fabric can look bunchy when it’s not on the baby.  But once that diaper is on my princess, it looks like it was made with her measurements.  The benefits of that extra wide channel definitely outweigh the negatives.

In A Nutshell?

I’d totally buy another diaper from Butt-Ons.  In fact, there’s a pretty little paisley in her album that has caught my attention.

How Do You Get a Butt-Ons Diaper?

Buy it:

Butt-Ons Diapers has a store on Hyena Cart.  You can stalk their stalkings and get something beautiful.Win it:

You can win your very own Butt-Ons hybrid fitted diaper!  If you’re the lucky verified winner, you’re eighteen or older, and live in the US or Canada, you can get a custom made diaper from any of the available Butt-Ons fabrics.  (This is a rare, amazing treat, as the only customs that Butt-Ons does are “supply your own fabric” customs!)