Infant Car Seat Clean Up

I knew when Norton started gnawing on the pull strap of his infant car seat that it was time to clean the darned thing.  Well, actually, I knew that it was time to clean Norton’s infant car seat when we had to put a receiving blanket under him in Cache Creek (3 hours from home) because he’d gone through his diaper and his clothes.

Fortunately, the task of taking apart the infant car seat for cleaning went to the husband.  He patiently sat down and popped the restraint straps out of the seat, and then carefully removed the padding. [Read more…]

Car Seat Safety Guidelines – A PSA

I don’t generally do public safety announcements.  I guess the closest thing I’ve ever done to a PSA is when I wrote about my parenting fail of not realizing that pacifier sizes exist for safety reasons.  However, since this is child safety month and it wasn’t all that long ago that Kate Middleton got hammered over car seat safety guidelines, this seems like a really good time to review. [Read more…]

Car Seat Safety, Precious Bundles, and Oops

I’ve said before that I felt people needed to just back off of Kate Middleton.  It seems like a lot of folks are interested in using her parenting and pregnancy experiences (and mistakes) to further their own agendas.  I have a feeling that @Britax and #carseatsafety are probably trending on Twitter right now… especially since Prince William was seen carrying their new baby in a Britax seat.  Car seat safety will become a topic, too. [Read more…]