Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Chelory

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Chelory (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Today’s cute little model is wearing a Chelory all-in-two in Skulls.

Fluffy Mail Fun vs. Paying Postage

Any cloth diaper lover out there will tell you thatFluffy Mail Fun vs Paying Postage (Cloth Diaper Addicts) getting fluffy mail is her high point.  There’s nothing quite as amazingly fun as having a little happy package of fluff waiting for you.  It’s like Christmas… except you bought it yourself.  (Or maybe that is like Christmas when you’re a mom.  I’ve always bought my own gifts from the kids.)

Lately, most of my fluffy mail has been WAHM diapers.  Granted, my Ella Bella Bum diapers have been used since I don’t stalk stockings, but still.  I don’t balk at paying $35 for an Ella Bella Bum or a Chelory.  Shipping is included and they are some well-made WAHM diapers.  I don’t really care about the cost.  At this point, I’m not buying cloth diapers because I need them.  I buy them because it’s fun; I like to try different things.  And, well, I like to match them to Eudora’s outfits.

There’s one thing that I have noticed, though: the price of shipping just irritates the devil out of me.  I was looking at a hybrid fitted diaper.  It was in the most adorable little print ever.  (It was probably Hello Kitty, butterflies, or paisley.  I don’t recall now.)  The price was reasonable: $27.  Then I saw that it was $8.50 for shipping.  That was when I changed my mind and decided that I wasn’t buying that diaper.

Here’s the thing: the total price for that bit of fluffy mail would have been $35.50.  It’s not outside of the realm that I’ve paid for diapers before.  (Granted, it’s not something that I do habitually.  At some point, the husband would most definitely object to my spending that much that often.)  Yet because it would have involved my knowingly paying $8.50 for shipping, though, I just Could.Not.Do it.

That’s when I realized something: sometimes, hidden fees are a good thing.

Have you ever declined to buy an item because of the price of shipping?  Would you prefer to pay the same price for something if shipping was figured in the initial cost, or do you prefer to see them split up?

Affordable Cloth Diaper Options for Every Budget!

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013 When writing about affordable cloth diaper options, I quickly realize that we all have different definitions of “affordable.”  Some people consider a stash of Ragababe and Chelory to be an affordable cloth diaper stash, while others struggle with Babyland.  Some affordable cloth diaper options may require a sacrifice of quality.  Some offer quality at a mid-range price point.

Things to Keep In Mind

While the sticker price on the cost of a diaper change may seem like using cloth diapers is anything but affordable, you’re going to get to reuse that diaper over and over again.  Even that $40 Ragababe is still going to be less expensive over time than using disposable diapers.  (Figure using it once a week for 2 years… 110 uses comes out to 36¢ per use.  If you use it more often than once a week, then you’ll come out even cheaper.)

Affordable Cloth Diaper #1: Best Bottom

Affordable Cloth Diaper Options for Every Budget! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Eudora modeling the Best Bottom strawberry shortcake

Best Bottom diapers are a premium but still affordable cloth diaper made by the same company that owns Nicki’s Diapers and Planet Wise wet bags.  On top of them being one of the more affordable premium cloth diapers, Best Bottom diapers are also made in the USA.  The shell costs roughly $17 ($19 in Canada).  Each stay dry insert is roughly $4.  You can reasonably expect to get 3 changes per shell, depending on how your child poops.  Sometimes I’ve gotten 4 changes before switching out the shell.  So, $17+$16= $33, which comes out to $8.25 per diaper change.

Where to buy: Cozy Bums, Nicki’s Diapers, Lagoon Baby, Kissed by the Moon

Affordable Cloth Diaper #2: Flip

Flip diapers are a hybrid diaper made by Cotton Babies, the makers of BumGenius.    You have the option of using the Flip cover with another type of insert (Flip stay dry, Flip organic, Blueberry Capris, Flip disposable, and gDiaper inserts will all fit) or with the super cost effective prefold diaper.  If you use Flip covers and Flip stay dry inserts, you can reasonably expect to get 3 changes per shell, though I can often stretch it out to 4.  A shell is roughly $14 and an insert is approximately $5.  Sometimes you can find them for less in bundles like the Flip Day Pack or buy multiple inserts for less.  $14 + $20 = $34, which works out to $8.50 per diaper change.

Where to buy: Cozy Bums, Nicki’s Diapers, Kissed by the Moon

Affordable Cloth Diaper #3: The Prefold

Prefold cloth diapers can be an exceptionally affordable cloth diapering method.  While some find it very intimidating, it’s actually one of the most cost effective ways of getting a made in North America product.  Bummis, in particular, are made in Canada.  As for price, six Bummis prefolds can be had for about $18.  For that number of prefolds, I’d go with one shell, which will run approximately $12.  (You may end up wanting to buy more covers later… or go with a one size cover like Flip, Best Bottom, or Thirsties.)  Still, though, assuming that you again get four changes per cover, and each prefold is roughly $3, 12 + $12 = $24, which breaks down to about $6 per diaper change.

Where to buy: Cozy Bums, Nicki’s Diapers, Lagoon Baby, Kissed by the Moon

Of course, there are other ways to get cheap cloth diapers for a lower cost.  However, those diapers are often made overseas and one can’t always be sure of the conditions where they are made, nor do they have a particularly long warranty.  I don’t think that an inconsistant diaper is necessarily an affordable cloth diaper option, but to each’s own.

What’s your favorite affordable cloth diaper?