The Irony of Child Safety Month

September is Child Safety Month.  I remember horrible things that have happened to other children around Norton’s age.  Children not protected in an accident because of a correctly installed car seat.  An unsecured dresser falling on a toddler and killing him.  A little boy who was around Norton’s age wandering out of his home while his mother napped, only to be found briefly after his passing two days later.  A huge part of the reasoning behind Child Safety Month is to educate ourselves on these dangers in our homes and keep our children safe.

I’m afraid of those things happening.  It’s why we’ve taken steps with toddler safety in childproofing our home.  Norton is a little engineer who likes to investigate and figure out how things work; while he can figure out things that are far outside of his age range, he has no mind for what’s safe and what isn’t.  And since Eudora is just on the cusp of becoming mobile, that makes our safety efforts even more important.

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