Low Income Is Not a Barrier to Cloth Diapering

I’ve been on a lot of cloth diapering groups as of late.  A lot.  Sometimes I’m more vocal than others.  I realized today, though, that I can never leave cloth diapering groups.  Not because of the brilliant conversation, the opportunity to engage in “spirited debate” over the virtues horrors virtues of bleach, or the opportunity to find more blog fodder… I can’t leave because I don’t want people to find that being low income is a barrier to cloth diapering.

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Cloth Diaper Lending Services Fill a Need

I make no secret of my love of cloth diapering.  I love it because it’s fun.  I love it because it’s kind to the environment.  If I cloth diapered like a reasonable person, I’d find that it saved money… but, well, that went out the window a long time ago.  I’ve also spent a lot of time doing cloth diaper advocacy in my community.  I now also run the local chapter of Cloth for a Cause, a cloth diaper lending organization.  (Right now, we’re a non-profit, but we’re working for charitable status.)

Cloth Diaper Lending Services Fill a Need

Cloth for a Cause has chapters across Canada.

As much time as I spend working with Cloth for a Cause in my community, I’m not blind to the fact that cloth diaper lending services fill a need that goes far beyond little Prince George.  It goes beyond British Columbia, and even all of Canada.

Neither the United States nor Canada subsidize diapers in their welfare and social assistance programs.  There are also parents out there who are struggling with the costs of caring for their special needs children.  From time to time, I get emails and messages from these people asking about help.  They need to start using cloth diapers, and they cannot afford the start up costs… but they cannot afford the continued costs of using disposables, either.  Or they cannot continue using disposables because their children are developing allergic rashes to the chemicals.

Some of these stories are absolutely heartbreaking.

The good news is, there are organizations that can help.  I’ve mentioned Cloth for a Cause.  We currently have fourteen chapters spanning across Canada.  I’ve been known to send packages to the US from my chapter’s supplies.

In the US, there are other organizations that are ready and waiting to help.  I’ve chatted with ladies from various organizations out there, in particular, the ladies of Giving Diapers, Giving Hope and The Rebecca Foundation.

The three organizations that I’ve mentioned aren’t the only ones.  In fact, if you or someone you know (and considering roughly 20% of parents are struggling with the costs of diapers out there, you probably do) is struggling with the cost of diapering, please, please let them know that there are organizations out there who can help.  Here’s a map of cloth diaper lending services across both the United States and Canada.  Get help.  Let the people you know who are struggling know that there are organizations out there who want to help, too.