Modern Cloth Diapers – Not Your Grandma’s Cloth!

Times have changed.  Once upon a time, everyone used cloth diapers.  Then disposable diapers became more affordable; they became an “always use” thing instead of a “sometimes use” thing.  In the time when people mostly stopped using cloth diapers, things changed.  Modern cloth diapers came along.  And with modern cloth diapers, modern cloth diaper advice came. [Read more…]

CLR is NOT for Cloth Diaper Stripping!

Sometimes, moms can figure out some pretty amazing ways to resolve issues with their cloth diapers.  After all, that’s why there are so many different methods for cloth diaper stripping.  Other times?  I see something come up that I just can’t get on board with using.  The first time that I’d heard of CLR for cloth diaper stripping was over the weekend. [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Detergent – Does it Matter? (Diaper Advice)

“I don’t want to use some special cloth diaper detergent.  What if I just use whatever I have on hand?  Right now I think it’s Baby Purex.”

Don’t.  As much as I love using cloth diapers, a lot of people who want to don’t because of the initial start up investment.  I spent over $300 on diapers before my kid was even born, and that was with a volume discount.  I made the mistake of using Tide Free and Clear because the directions said that they were okay.  It took forever to get the stench out… and this was only after a month.  I was constantly stripping my diapers (without really knowing what I was doing) trying to get the stench out after I switched to a cloth diaper safe detergent.  I started using Country Save, and while my stinky cloth diapers didn’t stink any worse, they weren’t getting any better. [Read more…]

Diaper Laundry, New Stink, and Change (Diaper Advice)

Lately, I’ve seen a whole lot of posts on Facebook groups about cloth diaper laundry routine changes.  The posts are all the same.  Again and again.

“I just changed to x brand of laundry detergent and my diapers STINK!  They didn’t before.  What should I do?”Diaper Laundry, New Stink, and Change (Diaper Advice) - Cloth Diaper Addicts

I am a Rockin’ Green evangelist.  As far as I am concerned, Rockin’ Green is the best detergent out there.  A large portion of my local cloth diapering community agrees.  However, there’s one time that I will never recommend that someone try Rockin’ Green on their diaper laundry: when they have an effective cloth diaper laundry routine already. [Read more…]

Stop Telling Me to Use Tide on Cloth Diapers

People, please.  Stop telling me to use Tide on cloth diapers.  No, really.  Just stop.

Just in case it’s not sinking in:

Stop telling me to use Tide on cloth diapers.Stop Telling Me to Use Tide on Cloth Diapers. (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

I don’t need to use Tide on cloth diapers.  Really.  I have a routine that already works for me.  I am not going to deviate from a perfectly functional cloth diaper laundry routine.  I am a Rockin’ Green acolyte for a reason: it works for my diapers.  In fact, it’s one of the top two diaper detergent choices in my city.  (Nellie’s is the other popular choice.)

I am not going to tell you that using Tide on cloth diapers is bad.  It works for some people.  There are some companies out there that recommend it.  Or there are some companies that recommend the Free and Clear Tide formula.

I should state that I’m not just anti-Tide for the heck of it.  I don’t write this to say that Tide is the devil and it will destroy your cloth diapers.  Really, most things won’t destroy your cloth diapers after just one use.

So why am I so anti-Tide for my personal diaper laundry use?

1.) I started out with using Tide on cloth diapers.  Just like FuzziBunz recommended, I used the Free and Clear version.  I was elated; that was the same detergent that I used on my regular laundry.  Within three months, I had such a horrid stink that I nearly quit cloth diapering.  Had it not been for sheer stubbornness, I would have given up.  In short: I tried it, and it was horrid.  For me.  For the variables in my laundry set up.

2.) We have fragrance sensitivities in my family.  The scent of Tide is one that we find bothersome.  Therefore, the Tide powder that many people love is not something that is welcome in my home.  I understand that other people use it and it works for them.  That’s GREAT!  No, really.  Finding a cloth diaper laundry routine that works for you, with whatever little tweaks you require from the basic “prewash, long hot wash, double rinse” routine can be difficult.

3.)  There really isn’t a third reason.  It just seems like whenever one is making a numbered list, there should be at least three reasons.

I will also never tell people who are using Tide on cloth diapers to stop.  It works for them.  But coming on my blog and leaving a profane comment and then DARING (yes, the word “dare” was used in the rejected comment) isn’t going to convert me to your cause.  So just stop.  It’s getting old.  I’m not going to change a routine that is working for us.  If my cloth diaper laundry routine ever stops being effective, then I’ll look for other alternatives.  Until then, no thank you.

What kind of unwanted cloth diapering advice have you received?

Is Cloth Diaper Detergent Build Up a Lie? (Diaper Advice)

Everyone has their own twists on how they do their diaper laundry.  Some are religious about timing, others are all about the extra water, and some feel that their detergent is what makes or breaks their diapers.  Recently, though, I came across a comment on a diaper laundry post about how cloth diaper detergent built up is a lie.

“Detergent build up is a *myth* there is absolutely no such thing as detergent build up. Do you strip your clothes on a regular basis? No? Hum… That’s funny. Because they’re made of the same materials… Weird right?” – Brittany Malone [Read more…]

Washing Cloth Diapers with Baby Stuff? (Diaper Advice)

Is washing cloth diapers okay with my baby clothes?

Most of the questions that I see about fluff generally pertain to washing cloth diapers.  When it comes to washing cloth diapers, we all have our own routines.  The basic gist, though, is “cold or warm pre-wash cycle, extra long hot wash, double rinse.”  With that in mind, there are plenty of reasons to avoid washing cloth diapers with baby clothes… and the rare exception where I would. [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Supplies for the Lazy Mom #Throwback

I admit it.  I am lazy as all get out when it comes to cloth diapering.  Yes, I love the fact that cloth diapering is reducing what I put in the landfill.  I love the fact that my son’s little heiney gets red far less often in cloth diapers.  However, I don’t love to work hard.  So, I choose cloth diaper supplies that allow me to work smart (or be lazy), not work hard.  What cloth diaper supplies give me that freedom? [Read more…]

Stinky Cloth Diapers Solved #Throwback

On more than one occasion, I’ve posted about the stinky baby issues that arise with Norton.  Norton himself is not a stinky baby, but he does have this wonderful gift for causing stench.  I’ve blogged about stinky diaper pail issues and ammonia stink.  The good news is that I’ve found a product that helps with reducing the stinky cloth diapers issue.

Stinky Cloth Diapers Solved (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Okay, so his diaper still stink when I put them in the washing machine.  Considering the fact that his urine smells strongly of ammonia right now, even when he uses his potty, there’s not much that I can do about that beyond try to cover it up.  Rockin Green detergent now makes a product called Shake It Up! that you sprinkle into the pail to keep the stinky diaper pail at bay.  It helps, but it doesn’t completely vanquish the issue.

However, the problem that I was starting to have again (even after strips and rocking a soak) was that the diapers were smelling a little, um, not brand new fresh when I pulled them out of the dryer.  I suspect that the fact that I have slightly hard water and Norton has exceptionally potent pee make a wonderful combination.  I can handle stinky cloth diapers when it’s time to do wash cloth diapers, but I cannot handle stinky cloth diapers when they are supposed to be clean.

Rockin Green detergent has recently come out with their Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer.  I have to say, it helps.  What you do is use two tablespoons of the Funk Rock in the rinse cycle that you run before you actually wash your cloth diapers.  The first time that I washed Norton’s cloth diapers with the Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer and followed up with Rockin Green detergent (Hard Rock formula), the diapers came out of the washing machine smelling absolutely brand new fresh and divine.  They came out of the dryer, still complete with that nice diaper smell.  The second time I used it, it worked just as well.

I’m about half way through my first package of Funk Rock, and I’m already thinking that I should order more.  I’d hate to run out, particularly since it’s helping so much.  I remember that when I first started using cloth diapers, I struggled with a lot of things.  Washing, choosing the right type of diaper, and so forth.  But now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m a pro, but I’d definitely say that I no longer have any form of cloth diapering issues.  Now all that I have are cloth diapering solutions.

Have you ever battled stinky cloth diapers?  What worked for you?

Originally written December 6, 2010.  At this point, I absolutely do consider myself to be a cloth diapering pro.  Back then, though, I thought that “cloth diapers shouldn’t stink and stinky cloth diapers are a problem” included when they’d been sitting in a diaper pail.  I thought wrong.  I do, however, still use Rockin Green detergent religiously, and the Funk Rock is a consistent part of my cloth diaper laundry routine.  I no longer use two tablespoons per pre-wash cycle; one tablespoon is sufficient.

Where to buy Rockin Green products: CozyBums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (Canada/US), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Can)

Cloth Diaper Advice, Confusion, and Conflict

There are times when everyone needs cloth diaper advice.  Heck, I’ve gotten it a time or two myself.  Sometimes there’s an issue that we just can’t wrap our heads around, regardless of how awesome we may be at giving cloth diaper advice ourselves.  There are, however, some universal truths to cloth diaper advice that should never, ever be forgotten. [Read more…]