Cloth Diaper Laundry and Bleach

Would you use this on your fluff?

Getting your cloth diaper laundry routine just right is a very personal thing.  There are a lot of factors that can influence the perfect cloth diaper laundry routine: water type, washing machine, number of diapers washed, the type of diapers, your kid’s deposits, and how you handle those kid’s deposits.  That’s just for the normal stuff.  Then there are the other things that come up.

Sometimes, I see a post in a group or community that suggests that one use bleach on cloth diapers.  I wince when I see that.  You see, using bleach on cloth diapers depends entirely on a few things.  (I’m realizing that “It depends” is a common answer when one is first using cloth diapers.  How maddening for the beginner or the curious!) [Read more…]

My Rockin’ Green Laundry Routine

Can Your Cloth Diaper Stash Ever Become Too Big?

Can Your Cloth Diaper Stash Ever Become Too Big? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

This was my diaper stash as of July 2012. I’ve added another couple of dozen since then. :-/

I was reading my friend Heather’s blog over at The Parenting Patch yesterday, and she asked the question that all new cloth diaper addicts ask: Will your cloth diaper stash ever be big enough?

If you’d asked me two years ago, I’d have told you that your cloth diaper stash can never be too big.  But that was then.

Now?  Oh, yes, not only is my cloth diaper stash big enough, it’s actually a bit too big.  I’ve sold a few diapers and am looking to sell a few more before I become a cloth diaper hoarder.  You see, in spite of my complete and utter awareness that I have more cloth diapers than I need, there are still a couple of cloth diapers that I’d love to add to my stash.  I still look at the Blueberry Butterflies diaper and drool.  I keep hoping that if I get rid of enough, the husband will let me get that diaper without complaint.

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Using Cloth Diapers – Giving Prefolds a Chance

I am no stranger to using cloth diapers.  After all, I’ve been using cloth diapers for over two years now.  While I wouldn’t call myself an expert, I’ve definitely done more than my fair share of experimenting with different brands and designs.  There was, however, one type of cloth diapers that I’d always shied away from.  They always seemed too hard, too old fashioned, and just plain intimidating.  I’d skipped out on prefold cloth diapers.

At least, I’d always skipped out on them until now.

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Hot Topic Tuesday – Baby Butt Covers

Whether you’re into crunchy parenting or convenient parenting, there’s one thing that the majority of Western parents agree on: we use something to cover our baby’s butts.  But what kind of butt covering we use can be the subject of controversy or outright hostility.  When it comes to using cloth diapers versus disposables, everyone has an opinion.  Of course, if you’ve read my blog here or on What to Expect, you’re probably aware that I’m a big fan of using cloth diapers.

There are quite a few reasons that we decided on using cloth diapers: 1.) long term cost effectiveness, 2.) reduction of landfill waste, and 3.) darned cute! [Read more…]

Looking back: Considering Using Cloth Diapers

My cloth diaper stash… I’ve bought more diapers since then

I’ve been spending time lately moving my blogs from a community website I used to blog for.  I don’t do anything there anymore, and I don’t want my stuff to magically disappear.  I mean, these are my memories and my experiences, and I’m not going to lose them.  Today I came across a post that I wrote in July of 2009.  It was when I came across the idea of elimination communication and was amazed… and that was when the idea of using cloth diapers came up.  Before July 2009, using cloth diapers had never occurred to me.  Of course, my mother was using cloth diapers on me when I was a baby because I was allergic to disposables, but the pins and the leaking just seemed… Well, here’s some of the original post: [Read more…]

My Ginormous Cloth Diaper Stash – Gratitude Project Day 9

I have an outrageously huge cloth diaper stash.  I’m okay with having an enormous cloth diaper stash.  In fact, I’m quite grateful for the size of said stash today.

You see, I only have one kid in diapers.  However, I’m not sure at this point how many diapers I have.  I think it’s somewhere around fifty.  I got experimental about a year ago, so I started picking up a few diapers here and there based mainly on color and cuteness.  And only two of those diapers were lousy.  (Fortunately, they were really cheap, but I’m passing them on to a friend that I convinced to start using cloth diapers.  She needs a bigger cloth diaper stash than what she’s got since she has two in diapers.)

There are a couple of reasons why the size of my stash is the subject of today’s Gratitude Project post. [Read more…]

Rockin Green and My Cloth Diaper Care Routine