Stash Shot Video (November 2014)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a stash video.  So here’s the update.  (Now it’s time for an epic destash!)

Snap or Velcro in your Cloth Diaper Stash?

When one decides to use cloth diapers, one quickly finds that there’s a whole lot to learn.  You’ve got different styles (prefolds, fitted, hybrid fitted WAHM, hybrids, pockets, all-in-two, and all in ones) to choose from, and then within those different styles are a plethora of brands.  And the start up cost to building a cloth diaper stash doesn’t help.  It can be super overwhelming with an intimidating price tag to start.  Before you even start buying, a common question is how big of a cloth diaper stash you need to start.  Once you make that decision and figure out the style, there’s another decision to make: how should your diapers close?  Do you want Velcro cloth diapers or snap cloth diapers?  What are the pros and cons of Velcro cloth diapers versus snap cloth diapers?  Or would you rather use pins or covers?  Maybe from there you choose a brand to start with… or you choose a brand and let that influence the type of closure. [Read more…]

(Stash) Size Doesn’t Matter

Sometimes, people share that they have size envy… particularly when it comes to stash sizes.  Sure, some of us do have a ridiculous stash size.  But you know what?  There’s always that idea that size matters.  Stash size matters, car size matters, house size matters… and since this is a family friendly blog, I’ll leave any other “size matters” thoughts alone. [Read more…]

Huge Cloth Diaper Stash, Huge Downfall #Throwback

I have discovered that there are downsides to having a huge cloth diaper stash.  The biggest downside of all is cloth diaper laundry.  Ideally, cloth diaper laundry should be done every two or three days to prevent bacteria from building up in the diapers.  Clean and frequently washed diapers are the easiest way to avoid stinky cloth diapers.

I know this. [Read more…]

Cloth Diapering Trends – What’s Your Take?

Most of us cloth diapering moms who’ve been at it long enough to be addicts know that, just like fashion, there are also cloth diapering trends.  A couple of years ago, Ooga Booga prints topped the cloth diapering trends.  It was so popular that even major manufacturers like Happy Heinys and Soft Bums got in on the act.  Right now, chevron prints and stripes are the latest.

Cloth Diapering Trends - What's Your Take? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Image from That Bald Chick. Used with permission. Diaper by Zookaboo.

Chevron prints was something that I pretty much loathed when they first hit the scene.  Of all the cloth diapering trends out there, this was one I was pretty sure I’d skip.  I’ve changed my mind since then.  While the busier chevron prints do still remind me of my grandmother’s afghans, some of the softer ones (pinks, greens, greys) are starting to grow on me.

Diapers by Chris, one of my favorite WAHM diaper makers, recently asked on Facebook, “I don’t usually follow the current “fad” or trendy diaper for the most part. Right now, chevrons and stripes are all the rage, and I love them. But I usually stay away from diapers that may look dated over time: movie themed, characters, etc. Are you as a diaper buyer

Cloth Diapering Trends - What's Your Take? (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Image provided by First Time Mom

wanting to see more of the “current” and “trendy” diapers, or am I on the right path as I am?”

For me, it depends on where you are in your cloth diaper stash.  I think that the way that I built my own cloth diaper stash is the most reasonable way.  First, I started with mainly white diapers.  I love white cloth diapers because of their versatility.  Then I moved on to solid colors to round out my stash and match outfits.  From there, I moved on to prints.  I’m still highly selective on which prints I add to my stash, regardless of whether it is or isn’t topping the cloth diaper trends.  Even the cutest print isn’t something that I’ll use if I don’t have anything to match it with.  (It’s why I sold a gorgeous Blueberry Bloom pocket diaper.  It just wasn’t getting used because it didn’t go.)

What’s your take on cloth diapering trends?  Do you like your prints to be in the latest and greatest trends, or do you prefer to buck the trends and stick with more timeless looks?

Start Up Cost for Cloth Diapers

One of the biggest hurdles that struggling families face when looking into a sustainable diapering solution is the start up cost for cloth diapers.

I can’t afford the start up cost for cloth diapers!

Start Up Cost for Cloth Diapers (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The cost of getting this much fluff to start can be intimidating…

Starting with premium brands like Fuzzi Bunz and BumGenius can be expensive.  Starting with, say, 18 Fuzzi Bunz Elite diapers with no sort of volume discount or sale comes out to right around $400 in Canada, or $360 in the US.  But you’ll spend right around that in six months on disposable diapers.

There are a few ways that you can work around the scary price, including using prefolds and covers, buying diapers here and there, or starting out with a non-premium brand.  You can start out with a stash of prefolds that will work for you for right around $100.

There are also brands of diapers that are less expensive that can be bought online in bulk.  Keep in mind, though, that with these less expensive diapers, the quality is not always the same… but it’s still better than disposables and a cheaper option until you can bulk your stash up with better diapers.  If you start out with the inexpensive brands (or “China cheapies”), it will at least pay for itself in the first month or two.

Plus, if you’re open to the idea, you can always start out with used cloth diapers.  There’s absolutely no harm in buying used cloth diapers.  In fact, I have a few used cloth diapers in my own stash that I bought because I wanted to try out that brand or it’s just not something sold locally in my area.  You can often buy very good to excellent quality used cloth diapers for 50% to 75% of retail value.  Sometimes you can get new cloth diapers that the seller hadn’t even washed for 75% of retail.  There are ways to start slowly with building a cloth diaper stash when  you’re on a budget.

Not only that, but you can recoup some of your expenses when you’re done with diapers by reselling the used ones.  There are groups online and on Facebook that are great places to sell your used diapers.  Those are also the great place to buy your used cloth diapers when you’re starting out or are looking to experiment.

If you’re still in a bind, there are groups dedicated to loaning out cloth diapers to those who cannot afford them.  I work with Cloth for a Cause‘s Prince George chapter.  There’s also The Rebecca Foundation in the States.

While the initial start up costs of using cloth can be scary, it’s something that can be overcome!

How did you cope with the start up costs of using cloth diapers?

Blueberry Diapers – A Cloth Diaper Review

Eudora modeling her Blueberry Butterflies diaper

Eudora modeling her Blueberry Butterflies diaper

I’ve had some Blueberry diapers in my cloth diaper stash for a while, but I’ve yet to do a proper review.  I got my first Blueberry diaper in August of last year for Norton.  I was really, really impressed.  I was so very impressed that I started on my one woman campaign to convince my local cloth diaper store to start carrying them.

Presently, I have five Blueberry diapers in my cloth diaper stash.  They are the one size pocket variety, no minky exteriors.  I love the fact that I get a great fit on Norton, who is around 32 pounds, and Eudora, who is roughly 16 pounds.  The diapers are actually suggested to fit from ten pounds to Not to mention, some of the prints are just too beautiful for words.

They also just plain work.  Blueberry diapers were the first ones that managed to give me a repeatedly successful overnight cloth diapering solution on Norton the Super Soaker.  I use the long insert for Norton overnight with a Jamtots hemp doubler, or just the long insert for daytime use.  With Eudora, I use the short inserts for day time use.  (I haven’t used Blueberry diapers overnight on her, but that’s because her prints are so gorgeous that I hate to use them at night.  I want to look at the pretty fluff!)  The fit is a little less trim than some of my other diapers, but when they’re that gorgeous, why on earth would you want to hide them under a pair of pants?

As for the construction, they’re made in the USA with a PUL inner that holds up beautifully.  You get two inserts (one long insert and one short) with each diaper.  The snaps are configured much like the snaps on BumGenius diapers, but they are at an angle instead of straight up and down.  I love the angle because it works wonderfully… especially if you’ve got a baby with chunky thighs.  Even if you’ve got a chicken legged baby like my Eudora, the angled snaps are still fine and dandy.

Now for what I don’t like about Blueberry diapers.  I don’t particularly like the price point.  At Nicki’s Diapers, they’re around $24.00 USD at regular price.  At Lagoon Baby, they’re around $28.00 CDN.  However, that’s a small trade off for me, as I’d rather pay a few bucks more for diapers made in North America.  I also hate how many options there are.  While this is great from a consumer standpoint, it’s harder for a retailer, and that’s why some won’t even bother carrying any at all.  That makes them a bit more difficult to find locally for some of us.

Would I recommend them?  Oh, goodness gracious, yes.  They’re gorgeous, well made diapers.  I just may have to get more in the future.

Have you used Blueberry diapers?

Am I Moving from Cloth Diaper Addict to Hoarder?

When I made my latest cloth diaper purchase (thank you, Kerri at Cozy Bums for your continued assistance in enabling me), one of my friends suggested that it was time for Hoarders rules to come into effect.  No more buying cloth diapers unless I get rid of an equal number.

I tried that.  I really did.  I managed to get rid of… six diapers since my friend made that suggestion.  But now I’m just down to a cloth diaper stash of things that make me happy and are fun to use.  I have determined that I’m perfectly okay with being a cloth diaper addict.  It’s a harmless addiction that makes me happy.  It’s an addiction that I can at least recoup the money from when my kids are done using them.

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The Itti Bitti d’Lish Cloth Diaper Review

Last year, I went on an experimental cloth diaper stash shopping spree.  In fact, it’s been nearly a year since I added some random diapers that are less common in Canada to my cloth diaper stash… and I’ve yet to do a proper cloth diaper review on the majority of them.  Since I’ve been feeling experimental again, it’s best that I finish up with the cloth diaper review series I’ve been intending to do all along.

Today’s diaper: the Itti Bitti d’Lish.

I have to say, the Itti Bitti d’Lish is the weirdest diaper I’ve ever used.  I would have never bought it if not for the curiosity factor.  You see, it’s a sized all in one diaper, and I’m usually all about the one size diapers.  I’m glad I bought it.  It’s just… neat.

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My Favorite Cloth Diaper Gift Has Been Discontinued

Norton rocking the Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skulls cloth diaper

There’s one cloth diaper gift I consistently love to give to my friends who are either new to using cloth diapers or are just having a baby.  I chose this cloth diaper gift for a few reasons: 1.) It’s a great diaper.  2.) It’s gender neutral.  3.) It’s really, really awesome.

That diaper?  The Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skulls diaper.  I love that diaper.  It’s a pocket diaper, which is the same type as the majority of my cloth diaper stash.  I chose the snap closures, although I had the option between snaps and Velcro when I bought them.  Every single one of my friends loved that diaper, too.  It was a really, really hard diaper to find… and I had super easy access because Cozy Bums, my local diaper dealer, sold it.  A friend of mine has been jonesing for that particular diaper, so I was going to get it for her.  And then I discovered that it was discontinued.

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