What’s a Used Cloth Diaper Worth, Anyway?

Maybe there’s something going on in the planetary alignment.  Maybe Mercury is in retrograde.  Whatever is going on, there seemed to be a lot of stupid drama going on in my favorite cloth diapering groups over the weekend.  On the bright side, this is giving me plenty of things to write about.  In particular, what’s the value of a used cloth diaper?

The simple answer: a used cloth diaper is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Community – We’re Mostly Sane

It seems that this month has been pretty rough on the cloth diaper community at large.  There’s been the Cotton Babies patent thing, which is showing some fairly unpleasant behavior on the part of some folks.  (No, I’m not blaming Jennifer Labit.  However, there are now some stores that I never, ever want to deal with because their words have soured me on wanting to do business with them.)  There was the post on The Stir that says point blank that cloth diapering isn’t worth the trouble and don’t even bother trying them.  And of course, there’s the Huffington Post piece that kindly portrays the cloth diaper community as a bunch of lunatics.

So, it’s not the cloth diapering itself that wigs me out. It’s the existence of cloth diapering communities. Like, why are there cloth diapering meet ups? What happens at those gatherings? Is one parent all, “So, do you have a sprayer attachment for your toilet?” and then another parent is like, “I do!” And then they’re both like, “Yay! Twinsies! Let’s be friends!”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s not enough to build a friendship on. [Read more…]

Cloth Diapering Community – A Bonding Experience

I was cruising through my Facebook feed not that long ago when Knickernappies posted a simple question: What does your family think about you using cloth? How about your friends? Do they use cloth diapers too?  Then I came to a realization about my friends and the cloth diapering community.

My family doesn’t think much of it.  My side of the family used cloth on some kids, not on others, and don’t really consider it a newsworthy event.  My husband’s side of the family (particularly my mother-in-law Kitty) thinks I’m a little nutty about it, will take a cloth diaper off, but would rather put a disposable on.  But my friends?

My friends are awesome.  Of course, if they weren’t awesome, they wouldn’t be my friends in the first place.  That being said, I realized that the majority of my friends do use cloth diapers.  The majority of my friends in town are friends that I’ve made through the cloth diapering community in the first place.  I’m fortunate.

Cloth Diapering Community - A Bonding Experience (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Our cloth diapering community in Prince George is pretty friendly and accepting.  Sure, there are people who don’t like each other, but no one is typically mean.  We’re adults.  Attack the opinion (or the cloth diaper washing routine), but not the person.  And, really, it’s cloth diapers.  If we have to attack each other personally or be mean over diapers, then we really need a little perspective.

Most of my friends are part of the cloth diapering community.  Two of my favorite people are involved in running Cloth for a Cause with me.  Another favorite person runs the local cloth diaper store.  Our cloth diapering community really is just that: a true community.  New cloth diapering moms are welcomed with open arms.  Opinions are shared, tips are given, and we’re out to help.

Are you active in your local cloth diapering community?

Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net