Buttons Diapers Review

I received product to facilitate this review. I give my honest opinions regardless.

Buttons has been around a few years now and has quickly become a very popular all-in-2 system. They offer inserts, covers, wipes, wet bags, pail liners, and disposable liners. You can check out their line-up here. I received a cover in Ahoy (which is a lovely dark blue) and microfiber and hemp daytime inserts. It’s very easy to see why these are so popular. They are of excellent quality and have enough absorbency even for heavy wetters.

Buttons Diapers Review- Cloth Diaper Addicts


Their covers have two layers of PUL and are currently only offered in snaps. The snaps for the inserts are on the inner layer of PUL, so they’re not visible on the outside. There are three rise settings and a single row of snaps with two snaps lined up on the wings and one cross-over snap. The cover has gussets, which I feel help get a good fit around the legs. Did I mention how lovely Ahoy is? It’s a really nice dark blue. My favorite color is the new Sea Breeze. Marina is a close second tied with Ahoy. There is elastic in the back and at the tummy, which helps with fit when you use the day and night inserts together. I do find that the covers seem to run small. Little Man is of average build and a little above 25 pounds and he’s on the highest rise setting with four snaps exposed. The fit of the microfiber and hemp inserts in the covers are very similar. In the pictures, Little Man has a hemp insert. These are also some of the most inexpensive covers I know of, selling for $11 for solids and $12.50 for prints. That is an excellent price for the quality.


There are two insert options: hemp/cotton (which is a recent addition) and microfiber. They both are contoured and come in a small and large size. You can buy both the day and night inserts. For nighttime, you simply snap the day insert onto the night one and then snap both in the cover. The inserts are very afforable as well. Daytime inserts $3.50 for the microfiber and $7.75 for the hemp. Nighttime doublers are a little more, $5.oo for microfiber and $9.75 for hemp. The prices are the same for the small and large inserts.

Buttons Diapers Review- Cloth Diaper Addicts


Buttons Diapers are excellent diapers. My ONLY concern is that they run small. Other than that, I really like them and definitely recommend them. I think the best thing is that you can purchase a deluxe package with almost everything that you would need to cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training (or until they outgrow the covers) for $215 for a microfiber package and $331 for a hemp package. I would add a pail liner and another pack of flannel wipes to have everything you would need, but it’s still a great price. Overall Buttons Diapers are very high quality and extremely affordable. You have to check them out. You can follow them on Facebook.

Thirsties AIO

Thirsties redesigned their all-in-one a little bit ago. Here’s a list of the new AIO’s features:

  • Tongue style insert- four layers of microfiber total- three in tongue, one sewn in
  • Insert topped and shell lined with microfleece
  • Available in hook and loop (nice and strong) and snaps (two rows instead of one)
  • Easier to wash than the old tunnel style
  • Dries quickly
  • Pretty absorbent
  • Can add booster under tongue
  • Makes for a fluffy bottom (I had to bribe Little Man with chocolate to get him to hold still for pictures 🙂 )
  • One size to fit from 8 to 40 pounds
  • Three rise settings

Thirsties Redesigned All-in-one- Cloth Diaper Addicts

The changes to the all-in-one design are a great improvement, but I miss the two sizes. I feel like you get a better fit with the two different sizes, especially when you have a bitty newborn or a big toddler.  That being said, this does fit to 40 pounds. I was able to use it on Sister up to that weight, then sadly she outgrew it. I think the snaps fit a little smaller, as the hook and loop adds a little width around the waist. Thirsties products have always been of great quality, and they still are. There’s a reason they’re one of the more popular brands.

Thirsties Redesigned All-in-One Review- Cloth Diaper Addicts

If you’re looking to buy one, you can go to Thirsties’ website and find a store local to you. This diaper was provided to me by my local cloth diaper dealer, Kristin of Northern Natural Baby and Mom. As of the time of this writing, she does not carry Thirsties’ products and is working on opening a home show floor. Check her out, she offers free shipping in Michigan.

Fun Funky Fluff

I received a Funky Fluff bamboo diaper in exchange for my opinion. What follows is my opinion. This post does contain an affiliate link.

I have to admit, whenever I hear Funky Fluff, this is what goes through my head:

Yeah, I’m grooving in my chair listening to that. Little Man likes it too. With a name like Funky Fluff, you gotta get funky!


The Specs of Funky Fluff’s Bamboo Diaper

  • Can be used as an all-in-2 (by snapping in the inserts outside the pocket), pocket (stuffing the pocket), and an all-in-one (stuffing and snapping)
  • Liner made of bamboo viscose
  • PUL flap in front to help contain wetness (great for belly sleepers)
  • Double row of waist snaps in contrasting colors
  • Cross over snaps
  • Hip snap on bottom
  • Four rise settings
  • Fits newborn to over 35 pounds (it fits my 42 pound three year old with snap covers on the hip snaps)
  • Narrow crotch, so difficult to fit larger inserts in pocket
  • Includes two inserts: light soaker with three layers, heavy duty soaker with four layers and a fold line, both with snaps on one side at each end
  • Wide elastics on legs and back, which I feel cuts down on the red marks (not usually a big deal as this post by Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry says, but still)
  • Made in China, while the company is based in Canada (Funky Fluff talks a little about their process of choosing a responsible manufacturer here)



Since Little Man is a heavy wetter, I used both inserts every time that we used this diaper. Even with two inserts, this is one trim diaper! And it’s extremely absorbent. Um, I left it on Little Man for six hours one time. I don’t normally do that, honestly, but if you want to see how well a diaper performs, you have to put it through it’s paces! I’ve used it all three ways. It funktioned great each way. I’ll admit, I’m a little leary of how well the bamboo viscose will hold up wear and tear wise. I’ve been using it for a month (and it’s been one of the first diapers that I’ve reached for- ha, I had a hard time getting pictures, because every time that I had time to take pictures, I realized the diaper was already used and waiting to be washed!), and it’s holding up beautifully so far. As you can see in the pictures, I chose the purple with green snaps. It’s a lovely reddish purple. As you can tell, purple is my favorite color, and this diaper is my favorite shade of purple. The rise snaps are purple so they blend in. I really like the contrast of the lime green waist snaps with the purple. I haven’t had any wicking around the legs yet, but I tend to kind of tuck in the legs so the bamboo isn’t exposed.


My Opinion Overall

I’m really liking Funky Fluff’s bamboo diaper. I use it a LOT. One thing I don’t really like is that the bamboo covers the whole inside of the diaper. I don’t like touching pee when I’m taking a diaper off. lol But the diaper has only been that soaked once (the six hour trial I gave it). I want to try their stay dry diaper. And they have lots of pretty colors!

To Purchase and Get News

You can follow Funky Fluff on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to find out the latest. Funky Fluff’s stay dry, bamboo, and wet bags are available at Kelly’s Closet.  In Canada?  Then you can get your Funky Fluff Fix at Cozy Bums.


I’ve had the diaper for over three months now, so I figured I’d update as to how it’s holding up since I mentioned how I had my doubts about that. It’s actually holding up really well. Yes, it’s gotten stained, but the bamboo is still pretty soft and the inserts still hold a lot. It’s still a diaper that I reach for almost daily. lol It’s one diaper that I have a matching outfit for, so I try to save it for when Little Man wears it. It’s really one of my favorites. The elastics are pretty much perfect, the PUL is in great shape. The lining is stained and more rough, but still pretty soft. So I’m loving Funky Fluff.

This is One Smart Diaper

This post contains affiliate links. Buying through these links earns me a small commission and doesn’t cost you a dime. Thank you.

I really love to shop in local stores and buy things that have been made here in America. It’s so nice to be able to support a local family when I buy things that my family needs, and it’s doubly great when I buy a locally made product at a local business. One company that I’ve supported that is local to me is Smart Bottoms. They make a great all in one cloth diaper. What’s so great about this cloth diaper you ask? Allow me to show you. And yes, I did receive the blue George diaper free for review, but I purchased the tie dye one myself.



  • Double row of waist snaps
  • Four rise snappings
  • Wide waist elastic
  • Un-encased leg elastic
  • PUL inner layer in front and back
  • Organic cotton fabric in middle
  • NO exposed PUL
  • Tongue style, four layer, organic cotton, attached insert

What I Think

Well, I now have two Smart Bottoms AIOs, so it can be  safely said that I love them. They are very absorbent and very trim fitting, even snapped down to the second rise setting. Their recommended weight range is 10-35 pounds, but I’ve found that it actually fits even larger than that. My 42 pound three year old can wear this diaper on the last snaps. I think that it will fit her for a few more pounds, but that might be pushing it.

Little Man wears these on the second rise setting. He is a heavy wetter, but these are way more than absorbent enough. I don’t even have to add a doubler, so that’s a big yay from me. I do recommend making sure the legs are rolled in so that the cotton is tucked in to prevent wicking.

Yes, these are one of the more pricier diapers on the market, but you really get what you pay for. In a good way. The PUL is good quality. They don’t have the largest collection of colors and prints at the moment, but what they have is nice and they’re coming out with some new ones (including a unicorn print that I am waiting oh so impatiently for). The fabric is organic, they’re made in the USA, the quality is excellent. Like I said, you really get what you paid for.

As far as washing and drying go, this diaper washes up easily. Line drying takes a while and needs a quick spin in the dryer to get out any stiffness. I’ve been drying mine in the dryer with the rest of my inserts and haven’t had any problems yet. I do wait until the load is cool before I take them out though, to prevent any possible damage to the elastics.

To Purchase

Diaper Junction has Smart Bottoms. You can follow Smart Bottoms on Facebook and Twitter.

And one last picture. Just to convince you.


Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash


Diaper rashes seem almost inevitable when your kid is in a diaper 24/7. Some babies seem to be more disposed to them than others, while others are lucky and never get one. Sister has really sensitive skin, and she will get really bad rashes if I’m not careful. Little Man’s rear end doesn’t seem to be so sensitive. After diapering three kids, I’ve finally figured out a few tips for preventing diaper rash. It took me long enough! But here’s what I do to prevent rashes on my babies. Also I’m sharing about a diaper ointment I got to review that I love. These tips work whether you use disposables or cloth diapers.

Change frequently.

Okay, that’s a no-brainer and I figured that out with my first kid, but it needs to be said. Change diapers frequently. Change poop diapers as quickly as possible.

Clean thoroughly.

I don’t care what you use, but clean that baby’s butt thoroughly when you’re changing them, whether it’s a poop diaper or just pee! I use cloth wipes and plain water most of the time (sometimes I’ll use a gentle wipes solution). You wipe after you pee, right? Make sure to wipe your baby after they’ve peed too.

Dry their butt.

I kind of do this at the same time as I’m cleaning their butt, because I use a sprayer to wet their butts directly and wipe with a dry cloth. This way when you do the next step, you won’t trap any moisture against their skin.

Apply ointment.

This can be anything, from an over the counter cream like Balmex (not recommended for use on cloth diapers) or something homemade. The point is to have something that protects baby’s skin. The diaper cream will be a barrier between the baby’s skin and what they ‘deposit’ into the diaper. No, it does not have to contain zinc or a powder. I didn’t always do this and when I started doing it at every single diaper change, it made a HUGE difference. Sister and Little Man have only had one rash since I started doing this (and I think it was because I was testing out a new detergent and hadn’t worked out the right amount to use yet, especially since it affected both of them).

An awesome ointment that I got sent to try is Eco Sprout’s Coconut Stick. It says on the package that you might want to eat it because it smells so yummy and they’re right! I suppose it depends on whether you like the smell of coconut or not (I do). I’ve been mainly using it on Little Man (Sister was testing another ointment), and it’s kept his little tush nice and soft! Like I said, we’ve only had the one rash since we started using this. There are only three ingredients in it (coconut oil, Vitamin E, and beeswax), which I love. It comes in a stick, and if you’ve read another review of mine, you know I love stick ointments. No mess and no having to clean my fingers off after! And so easy to toss in the diaper bag for on the go. I’ve used this to get rid of rough patches on Little Man’s feet with only a couple of uses. I love the Coconut Stick. My only complaint about it is that it goes pretty quick. We’ve used up almost the whole stick in less than a month. Oh and this stuff doesn’t cause any problems with cloth diapers.

That’s  it. It’s that simple to prevent diaper rashes, whether you’re using cloth diapers or disposable diapers.

You can purchase the Coconut Stick from Diaper Junction (affiliate link). They retail for about $9.95.

Is there anything special you do to prevent diaper rashes?

Diaper Dawgs- Woman’s Best Friend in Diaper Laundry

I often leave these little monsters in my bathroom until my husband gets home from work. I dread dealing with them. Stinky dirty little things. We have two bathrooms, so I can avoid them for a while. But I always know they’re lurking, just waiting for me.

Yeah, okay, that sounds like the beginning to a really bad scary movie. What are these little monsters? Poopy pocket diapers. Yeah, those are my least favorite part of cloth diapering.  These Diaper Dawgs I received to review are great not only for diapers, but puppet shows too. The kids and I had a great time playing with them when they came in the mail.

Diaper Dawgs are your friendly neighborhood watch dogs.

These are great. They’re little silicon mitts that cover your fingertips to protect them from that icky stuff that you find lurking in your diapers. They’re shaped like a dog’s head, complete with little ears. The inside of the mouth is textured, so it holds the diaper more easily without slipping. Which is great, because I hate having to fish diapers out of the toilet.  And you can use these to fish diapers out of the toilet too. Well, as long as they’re floating.


You can use these to hold diapers while you’re spraying them out, or you can use them to pull the inserts out of pocket diapers or to pull apart all in twos.

Even if you aren’t using cloth diapers, these can be used to handle a nasty disposable blowout, taking the poopy clothes off, and taking the diaper to the trash. Yes, you should still wash your hands, but at least you won’t be washing poop off your hands.


Request these at your favorite cloth diaper store so they’ll start carrying them. You can purchase them at Kelly’s Closet (affiliate link). Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


Loving Little Bums- Lovey’s

Who doesn’t want their baby’s bottom to stay soft, smooth, and rash free?  No one, that’s who.  Lovey’s sent me their stick and spray, and let me tell you.  These two products are a great way to keep baby’s butt soft and rash free.  I could go on and on about these two products, but I’ll try and keep it short. 😉

Lovey’s Tushi Stick

I really prefer stick diaper ointments.  They’re just so much easier and less messy than having to stick your fingers in a tub or squeeze a glob on your fingers.  Seriously, I have a bunch of ointments, and I reach for a stick before I reach for anything else.  I do prefer to have separate sticks for each child though.

My Lovey’s Tushi Stick gets used on my girl’s rump.  I love it!  It’s got all natural ingredients, has a very light and nice smell, and works great.  It lasts a good bit too.  Sister is very prone to diaper rashes, but since we started using this with every diaper change, she hasn’t gotten any (except the one time I left her diaper on too long… that can only be blamed on me).

I’ve also been using it on her arms and legs (she has this rash that doesn’t go away and doesn’t bother her- her doctor says it’s from some virus she had when she was a baby or something like that), and it seems to be helping. We use it about twice a day.

Flat out, the Tushi Stick is great.  I highly recommend it.  I would get two, one for bums and the other for boo boos and things like that.

Lovey’s Tushi Wash

Now this stuff I really really really love.  I would love a lifetime supply of this stuff.  I was so sad when I used up the bottle they sent me.  I tried to make it last as long as I could, but it wasn’t as long as I would have liked.  Maybe it’s because I love it so much, but it seems like the bottle got used up pretty quick, and I was just using it for butt cleaning duty.

Why do I love this stuff so much?  For one, the squirt bottle is great, easy to use.  For the other, wiping my babies’ butts off after spraying this stuff on them was so easy.  It got that sticky toddler poo off no problem.  It made their butts feel like silk.  The spray made the washcloth glide across their skin, rather than drag.  Niiiiice.  I would love to clean my butt with something like that.

Was that weird? That might have been a little weird.  But seriously, I want more Tushi Wash.  I love the Tushi Stick too, and I’ll want more when that’s gone, but I really want more Tushi Wash.  Awesome stuff.  Both of them smell great and work great.  I can think of so many more ways to use both of them.  Boo boos, chafing, irritation, cleaning up faces and hands… the list goes on.  And yes, they are safe for cloth diapers.

Where to buy?

Tushi Wash is readily available in Canada at various stores.  If you’re in the US, you’ll have to order from Amazon at the moment.  You can order the Tushi stick here and the Tushi Wash here (affiliate links).  They are a little pricey ($14.99-16.99), but I think they’re worth it, especially if you’re looking for something to really soothe your or baby’s skin or that’s all natural.  You’re definitely paying for quality.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep in the know when their products go on sell or you might have a chance to win some free.

Econobum- A Great Intro to Cloth Diapering

My decision to Start Cloth Diapering Using Econobum

I wanted to cloth  diaper my first born son, but I didn’t have access to the internet, so I didn’t know how awesome cloth diapers had become.  I had internet access with my girl, so I jumped in feet first, researching and comparing.  I wanted to get something inexpensive, so I decided to go with Econobum.  Looking back, I think Econobum was the best brand for me to buy as a newbie to cloth diapering.  Here’s why I chose them and why I would recommend them to anyone who is on a tight budget.

Affordable and Good Quality

Yes, my husband probably would have let me buy more expensive diapers if I had asked, but I was trying to be frugal.  These were inexpensive, and by most reports, they were good quality.  For less than $100, I had enough cloth diapers to cloth diaper my girl full time.  I do think they are good quality.  They took the beating I gave them the first six months I cloth diapered and kept on ticking. I still have my covers, though I passed on the prefolds on to a friend. Except one that I just found hiding in my laundry room. lol

One Sized!

This was what I was most excited about.  The fact that my girl would be able to use them from 8 to 35 pounds was awesome!  Admittedly, the one sized prefolds are pretty bulky on a little baby, but in the interest of saving money and not using disposables, they work.  I started using them when Sister’s umbilical cord fell off, and since she gained weight pretty quickly, they did fit her.  Considering that she weighed 8 lbs 2 oz when she was born, I think they probably would have fit her.  Well, maybe after her legs had filled out a little more.

Ease of Use

Econobums are pretty easy to use.  Just fold the insert (short way for small babies, long way for bigger babies), lay it in the cover, and snap it on the baby.  You could wrap them around baby if you wanted and if they fit.  For a first timer at cloth diapering, there aren’t many diapers that are easier to use.  Six covers and about 18 to 24 inserts were plenty for us.  That time was such a blur, I don’t remember how often we were washing. lol It seems like I was constantly washing or stripping diapers though.  18 to 24 should be more than enough to wash every other day.

Have I convinced you to try Econobum?

Yes, they’re not the prettiest diapers, but if you can scrape together $100, you can cloth diaper full time until your baby weighs 35 pounds.  Even if you end up buying other diapers, these are still great to have on hand for longer trips and nighttime.  You can buy them at Diaper Junction (affiliate link).  You can purchase the covers only, a cover and three prefolds, or a kit with three covers and a dozen inserts.  If you purchase the cover alone or with the three prefolds, you can pick the trim color, while the kit only comes with white. They have a lot more colors than when I bought mine!  They only had three colors, plus white, when I bought mine.  Econobum is a good quality, affordable brand, perfect for those on a budget, or just starting out cloth diapering, whether they’re starting with a young baby or a toddler.

Diaper Rite All in One Review

I was delighted to get the opportunity to review the Diaper Rite all-in-one. I actually did my first (and probably only) video review on it, which you can see down below. Here’s a quick rundown of why this is a great diaper. [Read more…]

Cloth Friendly Diaper Creams & Little Twig


There are a lot of diaper creams out there.  A LOT.  You go to the baby section at a store, it can be overwhelming seeing all the choices you have.  Chances are though that if you’re cloth diapering, you might be aware that a lot of those creams contain ingredients that aren’t considered that safe for your baby.  So I’m going to share some of what I have found out about ingredients you should avoid in diaper creams (whether you use cloth diapers or not), a couple of tips on using diaper creams with cloth diapers, how to clean diaper cream out of your diapers in case you use too much (been there, done that), and finally, a review of one of my absolute favorite diaper creams, that is not only free of possibly harmful ingredients, it is also great for use with cloth diapers. [Read more…]