Low Income Is Not a Barrier to Cloth Diapering

I’ve been on a lot of cloth diapering groups as of late.  A lot.  Sometimes I’m more vocal than others.  I realized today, though, that I can never leave cloth diapering groups.  Not because of the brilliant conversation, the opportunity to engage in “spirited debate” over the virtues horrors virtues of bleach, or the opportunity to find more blog fodder… I can’t leave because I don’t want people to find that being low income is a barrier to cloth diapering.

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Cloth for a Cause Vancouver Island Fundraiser! (Ending 10/28)

Support Cloth for a Cause – Vancouver Island!

I’ve stated on more than one occasion that Cloth for a Cause is my favorite cloth diaper charity.  In fact, part of my review policy is that for every diaper I receive for a review, I donate one to Cloth for a Cause.  I’m thrilled to announce that Cloth for a Cause Vancouver Island is having an auction!

You can bid on a ton of awesome diapers, like a Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper in Hansel and Gretel, Thirsties Aplix diaper covers, and some WAHM creations.  There’s even a cleaning by a diaper service on Vancouver Island!

Stop by, check out what’s available, and make a bid.  Support Cloth for a Cause and boost  your stash at the same time.

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links.  Should you make a purchase from an affiliate using one of my links, I receive a small commission that is used to support Cloth Diaper Addicts.

Dry Bottoms and Taking Baby Diapers for Granted

I’ve had financial difficulties in my life.  I grew up with feast or famine as a child, and learned to shop for groceries like we never knew when we’d be short on cash.  Buy in bulk, buy when it’s on sale, and buy a lot.  As an adult, I’ve carried that over to staples like baby diapers and formula.  Only once in my entire life as a parent have I ever had to make an emergency trip to the store for formula, and that was because Eudora was changing formulas and we were trying to find something that worked.  I’ve never, ever had to make an emergency trip for baby diapers.

Sure, part of the reason for not needing to make an emergency trip for baby diapers is because we are using cloth diapers.  But even with Andy, I still never had to make an emergency trip for diapers.  There was this view that if you ran out of certain things, it was due to lack of organization.

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