Counterfeit Cloth Diapers – Who it Hurts

This is a real GroVia. No counterfeit cloth diapers here!

Buying responsibly can help avoid getting counterfeit cloth diapers.  (This one is real.)

We’ve heard about counterfeit cloth diapers and cheap knock offs being distributed.  I figured it was time to ask some diaper manufacturers how counterfeit cloth diapers impacts both customers and consumers.  Kim Ormsby, founder of GroVia, was kind enough to respond.

1.)    How pervasive is the counterfeit cloth diapers issue?

It is impossible to put concrete numbers, but the counterfeit diaper issue is very significant and growing.   The modern cloth diaper market is RAPIDLY growing and legitimate brands are working hard to meet the market demand in the U.S.  This has spawned a large number of counterfeit diapers both made overseas and here in the U.S.  Patent infringement, copyright infringement and products not meeting the CPSIA standards have flooded the U.S. diaper market.

2.)    How can buyers spot the fakes?  Do you authorize any diaper stores on eBay?

The best and more recommended way is to make sure you are buying directly from an authorized retailer.  Avoid coops, auction sites, and “buying direct from factory”.   We do not currently have any authorized diaper stores on eBay.

3.)    How does counterfeiting impact you as a seller?

As a legitimate and growing household brand we spend an incredible amount of time and money on product development, artwork, third party testing for safety, and protecting our intellectual property.  This means our customers can trust that the product they are buying is high quality, safe, and ethically manufactured.  This cannot be said for counterfeit products.  The price of counterfeit products is attractive to today’s families, but it comes at a great cost to legitimate brands who truly have the safety of American children at heart.   If buying the most inexpensive diaper is the driving force for U.S. consumers, they will eventually be left with a host of counterfeit products to choose from and very few U.S. brands.  Legitimate U.S.  and WAHM (Work At Home Mom) brands will be squeezed out of the market.

Customers concerned that they cannot afford to purchase diapers from U.S. brands should consider prefolds/covers, buying second hand diapers, or buying package deals with a discount.  The fact is, that even buying the most expensive brand of cloth diapers you are saving money over disposables.

Thank you so much, Kim, for answering some questions!

Have you ever ended up with counterfeit cloth diapers?  What was your experience?