DIY Kid Closet Dividers

I love shopping for baby clothes.  And toddler clothes.  Because I try to be a thrifty mom when it comes to buying cute baby clothes, it means that I often buy clothes ahead for both Norton and Eudora.  However, being a thrifty mom and buying ahead is a big fail if the cute baby clothes are missed and outgrown before your kid even has a chance to wear them.

I’ve found that the biggest thing that makes buying clothes ahead work is just a little bit of organization.  Even if you’re not a super organized mom or a terribly crafty mom, there are things that you can do to help keep your stash of kid clothes organized.

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It’s Time to Learn How to do Digital Scrapbooking

For years, I’ve wanted to learn how to be a crafty mom.  But really, I always kind of failed at arts and crafts when I was growing up, and it’s not any better now that I’m a mom.  But I’ve decided something.  It’s time for me to learn how to do digital scrapbooking.  I keep thinking that it shouldn’t be too hard for me to learn how to do digital scrapbooking.  I’ve dabbled with web design.  I totally rock at editing pics in Photoshop.  And I’ve done regular scrapbooking. [Read more…]