Depression during Pregnancy Puts a Kibosh on Weekend Fun

We put a lot of effort into getting pregnant.  Trying to conceive with PCOS is no picnic… it took us a year of trying, and that’s with the knowledge of having fertility issues already.  As soon as we started trying, I went back on Metformin.  When that wasn’t working, I took four rounds of Clomid.  So, yeah.  Getting pregnant was most definitely something that we wanted to do.

With that in mind, I never really even considered depression during pregnancy.  I mean, yeah, I knew that depression during pregnancy was something that effected one in ten women.  I knew that women who didn’t get help with depression during pregnancy were more likely to experience postpartum depression.  I had a decent enough amount of textbook knowledge to be aware of the subject and to recognize it in other pregnant women that I’d talked to online… and to suggest that they get help. [Read more…]