Cloth Friendly Diaper Creams & Little Twig


There are a lot of diaper creams out there.  A LOT.  You go to the baby section at a store, it can be overwhelming seeing all the choices you have.  Chances are though that if you’re cloth diapering, you might be aware that a lot of those creams contain ingredients that aren’t considered that safe for your baby.  So I’m going to share some of what I have found out about ingredients you should avoid in diaper creams (whether you use cloth diapers or not), a couple of tips on using diaper creams with cloth diapers, how to clean diaper cream out of your diapers in case you use too much (been there, done that), and finally, a review of one of my absolute favorite diaper creams, that is not only free of possibly harmful ingredients, it is also great for use with cloth diapers. [Read more…]

Eczema Rash and Cloth Diapering

I never, ever thought that I would come across something with Eudora that could threaten our cloth diapering lifestyle.  Ever.  She’s not a heavy wetter like Norton, so there was never an issue with finding an overnight cloth diapering solution.  Best Bottom actually work just fine for her overnight.  Then, of course, we ran into the diaper rash that never ends.  Ever.  If not for perseverance and dedication, eczema rash might have just licked me.

How did we end up with an eczema rash on her little bum? [Read more…]

Cornstarch on Cloth Diapers? (Diaper Advice)

Lately, I’ve been seeing a question pop up a lot from cloth diapering moms.  Is it safe to use cornstarch on cloth diapers?

In a nutshell?  Yes.  But, as always, there are details, et cetera, to consider. [Read more…]

Disposable Diapers Suck – A Rant

I’m all about the cloth diapers.  A lot has changed since the times when I was proud of myself for using cloth diapers for thirty-six consecutive hours.  I haven’t bought disposable diapers for Eudora since she was in size 1.  And I had so many of those left that I sold them when she outgrew them.

Disposable Diapers Suck - A Rant (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

To think, she’s this happy with a yeast rash and sitting in a puddle on her bed!

However, we’ve been coping with a diaper rash.  She’s got acidic teething poops, which caused a rash that I couldn’t get to settle down (largely due to the increased frequency of those acidic teething poops).  As is known to happen, that rash became yeasty, so I gave in.  I put a sposie on her for overnight so that I could slather her bum with some anti-fungal cream and a layer of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.  When I got her out of bed this morning, I found something that I have never found when using cloth diapers on her overnight: a wet bed.

She’s not a heavy wetter by any stretch of the imagination.  A lot of people who use cloth only part time use disposable diapers at night.  It’s not like I’m a dolt who doesn’t know how to put on disposable diapers.  They haven’t changed that much in the twenty-six years since my first nephew (and the first baby that I’d ever changed) was born.

In light of this rare occurence of overnight diaper failure in Eudora’s bed, I can only come to one conclusion: disposable diapers suck.  I have no further plans of ever using them again.  Instead, I’m going to have to make a trip out to the fabric store to buy some fleece to make liners.  (My local diaper store is out of microfleece liners right now, largely because they are so awesome.)

Have you ever had issues with disposable diapers failing where your cloth diapers excel?

Diaper Rash and Cloth Diapers

When one uses cloth diapers, a diaper rash should be a rare thing, right?  After all, isn’t a huge draw of using cloth diapers the absence of diaper rash?

It turns out, though, that while a diaper rash is less common when using cloth diapers than it is with disposables, they do still happen.  When you’re using disposable diapers, a diaper rash is easy: slap some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on the rash and go about your day.  It’s a little different with cloth diapers.

Diaper Rash Cream

Most popular diaper rash creams (like Boudreaux’s Butt Paste) are barrier creams.  What they do is repel water.  That’s great for the baby’s bum, but may not so great for your cloth diaper stash.  The cream will get on the diaper and may cause your diapers to repel water instead of absorb it.  It’s fixable, but it’s a pain.  If it does wash out, you’ll still be left with a stain.  The easiest way to get around it?  Just use a liner.

Diaper Safe Cream

Diaper Rash and Cloth Diapers (Cloth Diaper Addicts)There are creams out there that are safe for your cloth diapers.  Your favorite cloth diaper store probably sells some.  Bri at Eco Baby Mama Drama has had some great things to say about Grandma El’s and Julie of A Year with Mom and Dad thought highly of CJ’s Butt Butter.  But me?  I’m really partial to just plain old simple coconut oil.  It takes care of most diaper rash issues.  That’s important in my house since Eudora gets a diaper rash (even in cloth) if you look at her bottom the wrong way.

Recurring Diaper Rash

Are you running into a recurring diaper rash in your cloth diapers?  That means that there’s a problem.  It could be a diaper rash related to teething.  (Extra drool impacts the acidity of diaper deposits, which can affect the bum.)  It might be related to diet.  It could be a yeast rash.  Or it could be due to some sort of build up.  If your rash is related to the diapers themselves, then it’s time to take care of the problem by treating the diapers.  How to treat for diaper rash will be coming up in another blog post!

Have you ever had to treat your diapers for rash?  What caused them?

Infant Diaper Rash and Flipping Out over Cloth Diapers

One of the biggest reasons that I love using cloth diapers is that the dreaded infant diaper rash is very seldom an issue.  Still, though, I don’t use cloth diapers exclusively.  I use disposables overnight because there is nothing in the world that will keep my children from drenching the bed.  Heck, Norton periodically floods a disposable.  That kid is just a heavy wetter.   We also use disposables on outings.  However, Eudora developed a nasty infant diaper rash last weekend, and it’s got me rethinking using disposables on her when we do less than two hour trips out.

[Read more…]

Toddler Diaper Rash Help and a Happy Heiny – GP#17-18

I know that I have things to be grateful for.  And darn it if I’m not so busy enjoying those things that I’m spending more time being happy than writing about it.

Day 17  – Once again, I’m grateful for our medical system.  Norton has been dealing with a nasty diaper rash, and it’s not a typical toddler diaper rash.  It started out irritated from the acidity of his poo, which was just icky for a couple of days.  And then I never could get that toddler diaper rash to ease up.  Since we’ve been mainly using cloth diapers pretty much since Norton’s birth, any time he’s had some sort of redness on his bum it’s cleared up within a day or two, and it’s never been the kind of rashes that my friends have spoken of.  But this was a whole different beast of a toddler diaper rash.  I used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on it, and it helped, but didn’t completely nuke the rash.  (I used a flushable liner in the diapers so the cream wouldn’t get on the cloth diaper; Butt Paste may be great for diaper rashes, but it’s not really meant to go with using cloth diapers.)  Then I started trying good old fashioned baby powder.  That helped, but it didn’t make it all go away. [Read more…]