Diaper Sprayer – A Useful Accessory

While perusing my local cloth diaper group, a question came up.  A member asked how a diaper sprayer works.  Since I think that my diaper sprayer is pretty much the greatest cloth diaper innovation since pocket diapers, it was a question that I was happy to answer.  [Read more…]

Cloth Diaper Supplies for the Lazy Mom #Throwback

I admit it.  I am lazy as all get out when it comes to cloth diapering.  Yes, I love the fact that cloth diapering is reducing what I put in the landfill.  I love the fact that my son’s little heiney gets red far less often in cloth diapers.  However, I don’t love to work hard.  So, I choose cloth diaper supplies that allow me to work smart (or be lazy), not work hard.  What cloth diaper supplies give me that freedom? [Read more…]