Wet Diaper Pail? Gross. (Storing Dirty Diaper Laundry)

Every now and again, I see a post on Facebook where someone asks about using a wet diaper pail for their dirty diaper laundry.  I always tell them that it’s no good.  Sure, my mom used a wet diaper pail for my cloth diapers back when I was in cloth.  But my mom wasn’t using modern cloth diapers.  I was in the best cloth diapers that technology had at that time: flats with pins.

So why is a wet diaper pail so awful?

A Wet Diaper Pail is a Safety Hazard

Did you know that children can drown in as little as two inches of water?  And babies have little melon heads?  It’s quite simple for one to pull up and get that massive head in a position that the little one can’t get out of.  Really, anything that requires standing water shouldn’t be kept in the home.  (And if you keep it outside, it’ll freeze in the winter and be a mosquito hazard in the summer.)  A wet diaper pail should absolutely not be used just because it’s a drowning hazard.  Isn’t that reason enough?

Some Gross Things Grow in Damp Places

Wet Diaper Pail?  Gross.  (Storing Dirty Diaper Laundry)

Do you really want this stuff growing on your diapers? Image courtesy of Photokanoc / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 




Mold.  Mildew.  Various bacteria.  They all love wet places.  A moldy diaper is a disgusting diaper that can present a health issue, particularly if your child has mold allergies.  A mildewy diaper is a stinky diaper.  Either way, it’s just gross.  It’s far more disgusting that poo.

Won’t Someone Please Think of the Diapers?

Leaving your diapers to soak in a wet pail can actually break down aspects of your diaper.  Constant soaking isn’t great for elastics.  Soaking in some of my mother’s favorite treatments for flat cloth diapers are guaranteed to void your warranty with modern diapers.  There is absolutely zero benefit to using a wet diaper pail for modern cloth diapers.

So now that I’ve told you how not to store your dirty cloth diapers, here’s a break down of the best ways to keep your cloth diaper laundry.