Best Bottom Lace Discontinued

Best Bottom Retires LaceIs Best Bottom Lace your favorite print?  Or have you been on the fence about adding Best Bottom Lace to your stash?  If you’ve been debating, you’d better grab it quick.  Best Bottom Lace is now retired.  Once it’s gone from the stores, it’s gone forever.

I’m glad I got mine.  It’s one of my favorite Best Bottom prints… and it’s only been around for something like a year and a half, so it’s not a particularly aged print.

Will you be sorry to see the Best Bottom Lace print go?

At the time of publication, you can still find the Best Bottom Lace print at these stores (some affiliates): Cozy Bums (Canada, snap only), Kelly’s Closet (US, hook & loop only), Lagoon Baby (Canada, snap only), Nicki’s Diapers (US, hook & loop only)

Thirsties says the Polka Dance Is Over

Almost two years ago, Thirsties introduced us to Polka Dance as their newest print.  Folks were elated by the variety of colours in the Thirsties Polka Dance.  It was released in covers, all-in-one diapers, and the duo sized pockets.


The Polka Dance is over.

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AppleCheeks Raspberry Sorbet is Retiring

I’m pretty bummed.  What is easily one of my favorite AppleCheeks colors has just been retired.  The AppleCheeks Raspberry Sorbet diaper has just been discontinued, so I’m going to put it away in my vault.

AppleCheeks Raspberry Sorbet is Retiring [Read more…]

Blueberry Diapers Retires Colors

It’s official.  Get them while you can.  Blueberry Diapers has announced that they are retiring four of their patterned print diapers.

Blueberry Diapers Retires Colors - Cloth Diaper Addicts

Last week, Blueberry has announced that Baby Blooms, Messy Hands, Owls, and Stars will be no more.  Retailers can’t order them, so what’s left in the stores are what’s really left.  Get them while you can!

To make life a bit easier, I’ll list some stores that have any of these left at the time of publication.

Cozy Bums – One Size Deluxe (Owls, Baby Blooms) Capri Newborn (Owls)  Capri (Owls)

Nicki’s Diapers – Capri (Baby Blooms – newborn, Owls – one size), Basix (medium Baby Blooms, medium Messy Hands, medium Owls, large Baby Blooms, large Messy Hands, large Owls), Simplex 2.0 (medium Baby Blooms, medium Owls, large Baby Blooms, large Owls), One Size Deluxe (Owls)

I’m a bit sad that Baby Blooms is going away.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous print.  I love it, but I never used it much because I had such a hard time properly coordinating it with anything in Eudora’s wardrobe.  (Not because of the colors, but either because the shirt was too busy or the diaper was too busy for them to go together very nicely.)  I’m sort of feeling like I missed out on something special.  I’m not to upset about the owls, to be honest.  I never really was bit into owls.  Maybe this is a sign that owl print diapers are on the way out?

Which Blueberry print are you most happy to see retired?  Which one will you miss the most?