Helping Barbie (and Other Dolls) Look Good


We are Barbie girls in my house. I played with Barbies when I was a kid and now my little girl plays with them. I will confess, my girl and I play with her Barbies now. Mostly it consists of me dressing and undressing them. Seeing the Barbies available now, I wish they could have been available when I was younger (hello, articulated joints!). Since my girl likes playing with her Barbies so much, when I got the chance to pick out something from Doll Clothes Superstore to review for free, I did jump at it.

Variety of Doll Clothes Available

The Doll Clothes Superstore has a large selection of various kinds of doll clothes for sale. They have clothes available for Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, American Girls, and more. And they’re all at very reasonable prices.

Barbie Dress

So I let my girl pick out which Barbie doll dress she wanted, and she picked out Midnight Stroll. Miss Mary Ann even sent a small selection of shoes that match the dress. My girl was pretty excited to receive the dress. She insisted on picking out a Barbie to dress up right away. Then she was very particular about which pair of shoes she wanted Barbie to wear. Sister can be picky like that. 🙂


I was very happy to see how nice the Barbie doll dress looked. I think it’s made from a good quality polyester satin. The Midnight Stroll outfit comes with the dress and a shawl. On the page it says it comes with a hat, but I don’t see one pictured and we didn’t receive one. I wasn’t expecting to get one, just noticed that it says that it comes with a hat.

The quality of the workmanship of the dress is pretty top notch. And as you can see, Theresa looks pretty darn good in it. Definitely ready for date night with Sister’s footless Bratz boy doll. The shoes we got are high quality too. They fit our Barbies very well. Unfortunately, Big Brother emptied out the bag I had placed the shoes in and we can’t find two of the shoes (figures that it wasn’t a matching pair). Sister liked having new shoes to match her other Barbie doll dresses.

These dresses are handmade either by Miss Mary Ann or some ladies she knows in Indonesia.

If you have a doll lover in the family, I recommend checking out Doll Clothes Superstore. Especially if you have an American Girl lover. She could get a matching outfit! You might end up having to get all your girl’s (or boy’s) dolls new outfits so they won’t be hating on each other.

Coupon Code!

Yay for coupons! Miss Mary Ann was very nice in providing a coupon code for my readers. Enter “clothdiaperingdcs” to get 10 % off your purchase, no minimum.