GroVia Magic Stick Z – Give Zinc a Chance!

I did not receive the GroVia Magic Stick Z for free.  I bought it when it first came out and am glad I did.  Since Eudora has eczema that flares up on her tush, I have to be super careful with her.  If you sneeze at her, she’ll end up with a dry, raw patch somewhere.  Sometimes it’s on her leg or her back.  Other times, it’s on her rump.

When dealing with eczema, it seems counter intuitive to want to keep the area dry…  After all, it’s basically really, really dry and itchy skin.  However, the wetness on the skin (especially in the diaper area) is most definitely not a moisturizing agent.  That’s where the GroVia Magic Stick Z comes into play. [Read more…]

Eczema Rash and Cloth Diapering

I never, ever thought that I would come across something with Eudora that could threaten our cloth diapering lifestyle.  Ever.  She’s not a heavy wetter like Norton, so there was never an issue with finding an overnight cloth diapering solution.  Best Bottom actually work just fine for her overnight.  Then, of course, we ran into the diaper rash that never ends.  Ever.  If not for perseverance and dedication, eczema rash might have just licked me.

How did we end up with an eczema rash on her little bum? [Read more…]