Baby Exersaucer FAIL

Norton loved our baby exersaucer.  I got it when he was around three months old… maybe a little bit older than Eudora.  Being the planner that I am, I’d kept our baby exersaucer after Norton outgrew it.  We were going to have another baby at some point, so there was no point in buying the same toys twice.

Well, I finally pulled it out for Eudora.  I figured she was big enough to play with it; she wasn’t too far from Norton’s age when I bought it for him.  After carefully cleaning every nook and cranny of our exersaucer and making sure that every speck of dust was gone, the husband and I were ready to put Eudora in the new toy.

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Infant Behavior – Don’t Ever Let Me Go

I’m not new at being a mom.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Between two nephews, two nieces, and two boys of my own, I’d seen lots of infant behavior… but I can still be surprised.  One thing that I’m learning is that Eudora’s infant behavior can be so completely different from her brothers and cousins.  Sure, Norton was a pretty happy baby, but he was fairly independent.  No cuddles for him, and only his Daddy could comfort him when he was hurt.  Andy was also pretty happy, but from birth, he was all about his Papa.  I love my boys, and my boys love me, but I’ve never had that feeling of being number one.

With Eudora, I’m finding things to be so incredibly different.

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Wordless Wednesday – Eudora’s 10,000 Watt Smile

Eudora is growing.  In fact, we’re at that point where she’s outgrowing all of her 0-3 month outfits.  This means that I’m taking pictures of my pretty girl like no tomorrow so that I can make sure I have a picture of her in every outfit.  Here’s some that are just brightened by the brilliance of her smile.

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Adventures in Babywearing – My Velcro Baby

Adventures in Babywearing – My Velcro Baby (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton and me on the trail up to Bridal Falls. Sling: Heart 2 Heart

When Norton was tiny, he was okay with not being held.  In fact, he preferred it.  We didn’t do a whole lot of babywearing, but when we did, it was because we were going to truly have some adventures in babywearing.  Our adventures in babywearing were of the outdoor variety.  I carried him in a Heart 2 Heart ring sling when we went to Hell’s Gate and Bridal Falls.  I wore him in a Snugli when we went to  the Ancient Forest.  (I’ve since learned that the Snugli style of carrier are referred to as “crotch danglers” and are not the best option.)  Our attempts at adventures in babywearing with a Moby wrap didn’t go so well, but probably because I waited too long to try it.  It was okay when we got the Ergo carrier, but again, at that point, he was over being worn.

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Wordless Wednesday – The Faces of Eudora

One of the most amazing things about being a mommy is seeing the faces and expressions that our little ones make.  I’ve been a little light on posting pictures of Eudora, so here’s my girl. 🙂


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Like Mother, Like Daughter

When Norton was born, the husband’s family insisted that he looked just like his daddy.  As time has gone on, I have to admit that, yeah, he does look a lot like the husband.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s some resemblance to me and he’s absolutely adorable… but when it comes to expressions and body language, it’s all the husband.

With Eudora, though, we knew that she would look a lot like me before she even came out.  When we went for our 3D ultrasound in Vancouver, it was apparent that she already looked like me.

But now that she’s here, there’s absolutely no doubt who she looks like.

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Eudora’s Birth Story – The Finale

In my last blog post, I’d left off with the news that our birth story wasn’t going to be the perfect VBAC delivery.  There would be no successful natural child birth through the power of the Hypnobabies Home Study course.  Sure, I was in labor, but it wasn’t exactly going right.  I was coping just fine with the contractions, and I’d managed to stay firm and not take anything for the painful cramping that was continuous between contractions.  But Eudora?  She wasn’t coping so well.  And her health and welfare was the most crucial thing in our birth story.

Eudora was tachycardic.  Her little heart was pounding up to 200 beats per minute.  I’m not sure if the machine registered anything higher than that, but that was it.  That was when the doctors determined that a VBAC delivery would not be the best thing for her.  She wasn’t descending.  She needed to come out.

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Eudora’s Birth Story

We’d put a lot of thought into what type of birth we’d wanted to have this time around.  We’d decided on a natural birth (if possible, of course), and we’d studied the Hypnobabies Home Study course.  It was important to the husband to be able to see our daughter being born, and it was important to me to be able to provide that for him.  Our birth story was going to be perfect, and it was going to be everything that the husband had hoped for.  We’d studied, planned, and fallen asleep listening to the Hypnobabies tracks on a nightly basis.  I was doing everything possible to make sure that our birth story worked out to be the wonderful natural birth that we’d hoped for.

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Introducing Eudora and a Visit with the Easter Bunny

I’ve been silent for a couple of weeks, and that’s largely because I’ve been busy with my new baby girl!  Today I took Norton and Eudora for pictures with the Easter bunny.  I knew that Norton was not impressed with Santa, so I figured I’d go the safe way and put Eudora on the bunny’s lap, first.  Then if all went well, I’d get a picture of Norton and Eudora, then just Norton.

That was, of course, if all went well.  I did get an adorable picture of Eudora, but Norton was terrified of the Easter bunny.  As soon as the husband brought Norton over, he cried and tried to run from the bunny.  So we tried getting the husband to hold Norton near the Easter bunny.  No joy there, either.  As soon as Norton’s little feet hit the floor, he ran away as fast as he could.

At least we got a picture of Eudora!

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