Being a Dad = Superhero

Sometimes I’m pretty sure that being a dad means being a superhero.  At least, it’s what being a dad means for my husband.  Sure, he’s demonstrated his skill in a father’s role through bathing our kids, making baby food, soothing a savage toddler, and just generally being an awesome dad who defies the stupid stereotypes…  But this time, he’s found a new level of awesome.

For almost a year, Norton has been carrying around his Pillow.  Pillow goes nearly everywhere.  It’s gone with us to the park.  It’s been on numerous shopping trips.  It’s been the source of sadness when I had to give it a bath.  Pillow had been stitched back up on multiple occasions when a seam started to come apart. This time, Pillow needed surgery that went beyond a simple stitch job on the seam.

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