Six Weeks Pregnant #Throwback

Today, I am officially six weeks pregnant.

Six Weeks Pregnant (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

I seriously wish I looked that good again!

When my husband comes home, he will take the weekly belly pic of me, which will eventually be scrapbooked into a pregnancy scrapbook. Most of these blog entries will probably go, too. (If nothing else, when my kid grows up, s/he’ll realize that his/her mother has always been cheeky, and this is not a new development. 😉 )

At six weeks pregnant, some symptoms are starting to happen here and there. My breasts hurt. I sincerely hope that they do not grow, because if they get any bigger, my breasts will be bigger than my head. 😛 I can already wear my bras as weird hats. (Kind of like a beanie or something? But for someone with two heads? Or maybe a padded helmet and face mask if I go with the push-up variety?)

Periodically, my tummy will feel icky. If there’s something fried involved, then I’ll feel just plain nauseous. But otherwise, the only way to describe it is “an acid-y feeling”. Like the acids in my stomach are going to burn a hole through. It doesn’t matter what I eat or when. It shows up. And it kind of hurts. No heartburn, though. (Has anyone else ever had that?)

Headaches? Varying degrees, but generally there. I had a few minutes last week where my head actually didn’t hurt. However, my ears have been ringing for about a week and a half now. Sometimes, it’s just a quiet hum. Other times, it’s high pitched, loud, and painful. But it’s always there. Even with the TV off and no appliances running, I still have noise. Unfortunately, it’s all inside my head. I hate that there’s nothing that can be done about tinnitus.  There’s less than nothing to do about it at six weeks pregnant.  🙁

But I’m still pregnant, and still looking forward to being a mom again. And this time, I’ll get to be a mom the way I think I should be a mom. 🙂

What was six weeks pregnant like for you?

Originally written on July 27, 2009.  That pregnancy is now a beautiful three year old boy!

Secret Pregnancy is Hard

I have a secret pregnancy.  We haven’t told a soul that we’re pregnant, barring medical professionals who need to know these things in order to treat me properly.  We’re going to my in-laws’ for dinner. It’s Sunday. It’s what we do every Sunday.

Secret Pregnancy (Cloth Diaper Addicts)My in-laws are awesome.  Ever seen That 70’s Show? My in-laws are Red and Kitty. They don’t just act like Red and Kitty. They actually have some resemblance to Red and Kitty. In fact, when I was trying to explain who my father-in-law was to someone who worked in a different department of his government agency, I actually said “You know, that tall guy who would remind you of Red Foreman?” (The girl I was talking to actually said, “Oh, yeah! Except he’s taller and has dark hair?”)

I completely love my in-laws. They have helped fill some of the void that was created since my parents are gone. I’m sort of the daughter they never had.  And my mother-in-law is desperate for a granddaughter.

My husband wants to keep this to ourselves until we’re 8 weeks. That means another 3 weeks of not saying a word. While I do think that we should wait (we told them the day we found out on the one that didn’t work out), I only want to wait until we’re past the point where everything went wrong last time.  (I actually think that my husband would just plain like to ignore the event until we’re 8 weeks. To him, that’s the magic number where suddenly everything is okay and we don’t have to worry so much about things going wrong. He has said that he wished that we didn’t find out quite so quickly.)

Even though we’ve agreed that we don’t want to say anything to anyone, period, it’s going to be very hard to keep something this special a complete and total secret. I want to celebrate, and hope that my celebration and happiness will be the thing that stops anything from going wrong this time.  I almost feel like a secret pregnancy is asking for it to not work.

It’s the complete opposite of the approach that my very low-key husband has in mind.

How long did you keep a secret pregnancy before sharing with the world?

Originally posted on July 19, 2007 for What to Expect.

Update: That secret pregnancy is now a happy and energetic three year old boy. 

Image by Paul Brunskill.

Confirming Pregnancy – Off to the Doctor’s!

I’m a housewife. I don’t have any children living with me. So, I don’t really leave the house very often. I’m a home body. I have no real reason to go out usually, and when I typically do go out, my husband goes with me. We have joint appointments with the doctor today. I schedule it like this so that I know that I’ll ask any pertinent questions regarding my husband’s health. Our appointments are for making sure his respiratory infection is all good and for confirming pregnancy.

Confirming Pregnancy (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Having done this a few months ago, I expect that my doctor will do the following: tell me my due date, tell me to quit smoking (even though I quit six months ago and have told him repeatedly that I have quit), tell me to take prenatal vitamins, tell me no drugs but Tylenol, and then tell me that it’s really too soon to do anything, so I should come back in a few weeks.

He’ll also give me a lab requisition to have a blood draw for confirming pregnancy.

Then we’re probably going to have an argument. I’m going to insist on continuing with my Metformin, as last time I stopped taking it (because he, his co-doctor and wife, and my OB/Gyn told me to discontinue the medication, in spite of evidence indicating that the drug should be continued through pregnancy), I stopped being pregnant. I’m going to insist that my progesterone levels and my betaHCG levels are monitored.

In the end, he’ll give in and do these things, because he realizes that it is easier to give in to my requests than to argue with me.

But YAY! I get to go in today. I’m oddly excited about confirming pregnancy, even though I already know what’s going to happen.

Originally written on July 15, 2009 for What to Expect. Confirming pregnancy went pretty much as expected… except I didn’t get an argument about discontinuing Metformin and I was referred to an OB/Gyn right away.