The Downside with Adorable Fitted Diapers

It’s adorable. And if you’re crazy about diapers with owls on them, how could you stand to cover it up?

I’ve been browsing for some fitted diapers to try.  I’ve already figured out that I can’t use the Bumboo diapers, even though they are awesome.  Well, I can use the Bumboo fitted diapers, but my husband, who manages the bedtimes, can’t.  So I figured that what I need for fitted diapers is something that works like a pocket diaper.  You know, the rise is already adjusted before it even goes on baby.  All that you have to do is fasten the waist and it’s good.

I’ve found a few that are like that.  But there’s a huge problem.

They’re completely adorable. [Read more…]

Fitted Diaper Demo