A Christian Curriculum for Kindergarten to Eighth Grade for Under $200

A Christian curriculum for kindergarten to eighth grade for under $200?! I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m crazy or unrealistic. I assure you, I am not unrealistic. Sorry, I can’t reassure that I’m not crazy. ūüôā The pricing is from Rainbow Resource Center, where I buy pretty much all of our books. They usually have the best prices.

I know, a lot of curriculums out there cost $200 or more for just one year for one kid. But you don’t need a fancy curriculum to teach your child. You really don’t even have to purchase these books, you can get digital editions of most of them for free, but I personally like having actual books rather than e-books or printed out e-books. 

A Christian Curriculum for Kindergarten to Eighth Grade for Under $220 | Retro Modern Melissa

These books are non-consumable, so you’ll be able to use them with more than one child, and re-sell them or save them for your grandchildren. They are literally old school, though I have found that they are good, solid books. These are the books that we are using. I can’t neatly categorize our educational philosophy besides it being solidly Christian. Honestly, I just do what works for us. I think these books can be adapted to any kind of educational philosophy. Ruth Beechick wrote the parent-teacher guides for both of these series. She uses a very common sense approach. Here’s the list:

  • McGuffey’s– There are two editions of McGuffey’s Eclectic Primers: The brown covers are reprints of the original books from 1836, while the ones with blue covers are revised editions copyrighted 1879. I use the 1836 reprints, because they still have the biblical content/worldview. The revised editions were secularized. The parent-teacher guide was written by Ruth Beechick and offers lesson plans, tips and ideas, and goes all the way to high school. The Progressive Speller can also be used all the way through high school, serving as an all-in-one spelling curriculum. The eight volume set has all the 1836 books along with the Speller and guide. It sellls for $85.95 at Rainbow Resource Center.
  • Ray’s New Arithmetics– This series goes up to eighth grade. The eight volume set includes the books, answer keys, and parent-teacher guide. It sells for $81.95.
  • Handbook of Nature Study– Use this as a gentle introduction to the wonders of the world. I found an awesome site that is all about using this book. She does offer memberships for some of the resources on her site, but you don’t have to have one. I highly recommend checking out the Getting Started page for the Outdoor Hour Challenge. I’m reading through it myself right now. Handbook of Nature Study costs $18.95.
  • Biblical Home Education– I’ll confess, I really admire Ruth Beechick’s books about homeschooling. She gives a very down to earth, common sense approach. I’m finding it extremely valuable in planning our lessons and deciding where I’m going with our homeschool. She covers pretty much all the subjects in this book. I honestly recommend all of the books of hers that I’ve read so far. It’s available for $9.95.

I’m assuming that you already have a Bible, so I’m not including one in the cost. Any Bible will work for teaching your child.

So there you have it. A solid Christian education for under $200.

How do you save money when homeschooling?

Econobum- A Great Intro to Cloth Diapering

My decision to Start Cloth Diapering Using Econobum

I wanted to cloth ¬†diaper my first born son, but I didn’t have access to the internet, so I didn’t know how awesome cloth diapers had become. ¬†I had internet access with my girl, so I jumped in feet first, researching and comparing. ¬†I wanted to get something inexpensive, so I decided to go with Econobum. ¬†Looking back, I think Econobum was the best brand for me to buy as a newbie to cloth diapering. ¬†Here’s why I chose them and why I would recommend them to anyone who is on a tight budget.

Affordable and Good Quality

Yes, my husband probably would have let me buy more expensive diapers if I had asked, but I was trying to be frugal.  These were inexpensive, and by most reports, they were good quality.  For less than $100, I had enough cloth diapers to cloth diaper my girl full time.  I do think they are good quality.  They took the beating I gave them the first six months I cloth diapered and kept on ticking. I still have my covers, though I passed on the prefolds on to a friend. Except one that I just found hiding in my laundry room. lol

One Sized!

This was what I was most excited about. ¬†The fact that my girl would be able to use them from 8 to 35 pounds was awesome! ¬†Admittedly, the one sized prefolds are pretty bulky on a little baby, but in the interest of saving money and not using disposables, they work. ¬†I started using them when Sister’s umbilical cord fell off, and since she gained weight pretty quickly, they did fit her. ¬†Considering that she weighed 8 lbs 2 oz when she was born, I think they probably would have fit her. ¬†Well, maybe after her legs had filled out a little more.

Ease of Use

Econobums are pretty easy to use. ¬†Just fold the insert (short way for small babies, long way for bigger babies), lay it in the cover, and snap it on the baby. ¬†You could wrap them around baby if you wanted and if they fit. ¬†For a first timer at cloth diapering, there aren’t many diapers that are easier to use. ¬†Six covers and about 18 to 24 inserts were plenty for us. ¬†That time was such a blur, I don’t remember how often we were washing. lol It seems like I was constantly washing or stripping diapers though. ¬†18 to 24 should be more than enough to wash every other day.

Have I convinced you to try Econobum?

Yes, they’re not the prettiest diapers, but if you can scrape together $100, you can cloth diaper full time until your baby weighs 35 pounds. ¬†Even if you end up buying other diapers, these are still great to have on hand for longer trips and nighttime. ¬†You can buy them at Diaper Junction¬†(affiliate link). ¬†You can purchase the covers only, a cover and three prefolds, or a kit with three covers and a dozen inserts. ¬†If you purchase the cover alone or with the three prefolds, you can pick the trim color, while the kit only comes with white. They have a lot more colors than when I bought mine! ¬†They only had three colors, plus white, when I bought mine. ¬†Econobum is a good quality, affordable brand, perfect for those on a budget, or just starting out cloth diapering, whether they’re starting with a young baby or a toddler.