Funky Fluff DeLUX Hemp/Bamboo Soakers

Every time Funky Fluff comes up with something new, I’m impressed.  So when Funky Fluff asked me about sending one of their new products for review, I jumped at the chance.  The Funky Fluff DeLUX hemp/bamboo soakers have exceeded their usual standards of awesome!

If you love natural fibers, then you’ve had times of waffling between bamboo or hemp.  Which one do you want to use?  There’s the super softness and trimness of bamboo, but the cost effectiveness and lack of processing required to make hemp fabric….  How does one ever choose?  The Funky Fluff DeLUX hemp/bamboo soakers mean that you don’t have to choose!  You can have both.

About the Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo Soakers

Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo soakers are designed with a two layer hemp pad and a two layer bamboo pad stitched together down the middle.  As always, this soaker has snaps so that you can snap it to the shell or snap two soaker shells together.  These soakers can be used on their own to replace an insert in any Funky Fluff system or as an additional soaker to help with overnight absorbency.

What’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo?

These inserts are, in a word, designed to be superior in every possible way.  The inserts are sewn together with two lines down the middle so that they’ll dry faster.  They’re quite trim.  In fact, the 2.0 bamboo inserts are just over 1 cm thick… while these new, super awesome hemp/bamboo inserts are less than 1 cm thick.  I actually took a picture of a diaper stuffed with the old bamboo and the new LUX hemp/bamboo.  There was a full centimeter of difference between the two.

What’s Not Awesome about the Funky Fluff deLUX Hemp/Bamboo?

While these inserts do dry faster than the old 2.0 bamboo inserts, they still take longer than some to dry.  They also can get a bit rumpled in the dryer.  (If you’re bothered by your inserts not being perfectly flat, this may be a source of irritation for you.)  And at $15.95 Canadian, they are a bit pricey (though you do get two inserts for that price: a small and a large).

In a Nutshell?

If you have a heavy wetter, this is a great option for you.  If you like your baby to wear skinny jeans, then this is a MUST for you!  I’m so crazy about this insert that I’m going to just buy Lux covers and get the new Funky Fluff deLUX inserts to stuff!

You’ll be able to stock up on these tomorrow at Cozy Bums and other Funky Fluff retailers!  But because Funky Fluff is awesome and loves their customers, you can enter to win THIS amazing package!

Funky Fluff Prize

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Funky Fluff

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Funky FluffCheck out this adorable little sweetheart!  He’s modeling Love Bug by Funky Fluff, their latest cloth diaper color!  Funky Fluff is a Canadian company that has been taking the world by storm.  Have you tried Funky Fluff?

You can find Love Bug and other adorable Funky Fluff products at these affiliates: Cozy Bums Diapers (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada) Kelly’s Closet (US), Lagoon Baby (Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)

Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail Review

It’s not very often that I find a wet bag worth raving about.  Really, a wet bag is kind of the unsung hero of my cloth diapering experience: it’s necessary, I use them a lot, but they don’t get shown off or bragged about.  In four and a half years of cloth diapering, we have never used a wet bag that my husband felt was worthy of him even having an opinion.  Until we got the Funky Fluff hanging wet pail.

When I was in Las Vegas for the ABC Expo, I met up with Kathy of Funky Fluff… and she sent me home with the Funky Fluff hanging wet pail for a review.  The first thing that I used my Funky Fluff hanging wet pail for was dirty laundry storage while staying in the hotel.  It did a great job at that… but once I got it home, then it was time to really put the Funky Fluff hanging wet pail to the test.

[Read more…]

Fun Funky Fluff

I received a Funky Fluff bamboo diaper in exchange for my opinion. What follows is my opinion. This post does contain an affiliate link.

I have to admit, whenever I hear Funky Fluff, this is what goes through my head:

Yeah, I’m grooving in my chair listening to that. Little Man likes it too. With a name like Funky Fluff, you gotta get funky!


The Specs of Funky Fluff’s Bamboo Diaper

  • Can be used as an all-in-2 (by snapping in the inserts outside the pocket), pocket (stuffing the pocket), and an all-in-one (stuffing and snapping)
  • Liner made of bamboo viscose
  • PUL flap in front to help contain wetness (great for belly sleepers)
  • Double row of waist snaps in contrasting colors
  • Cross over snaps
  • Hip snap on bottom
  • Four rise settings
  • Fits newborn to over 35 pounds (it fits my 42 pound three year old with snap covers on the hip snaps)
  • Narrow crotch, so difficult to fit larger inserts in pocket
  • Includes two inserts: light soaker with three layers, heavy duty soaker with four layers and a fold line, both with snaps on one side at each end
  • Wide elastics on legs and back, which I feel cuts down on the red marks (not usually a big deal as this post by Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry says, but still)
  • Made in China, while the company is based in Canada (Funky Fluff talks a little about their process of choosing a responsible manufacturer here)



Since Little Man is a heavy wetter, I used both inserts every time that we used this diaper. Even with two inserts, this is one trim diaper! And it’s extremely absorbent. Um, I left it on Little Man for six hours one time. I don’t normally do that, honestly, but if you want to see how well a diaper performs, you have to put it through it’s paces! I’ve used it all three ways. It funktioned great each way. I’ll admit, I’m a little leary of how well the bamboo viscose will hold up wear and tear wise. I’ve been using it for a month (and it’s been one of the first diapers that I’ve reached for- ha, I had a hard time getting pictures, because every time that I had time to take pictures, I realized the diaper was already used and waiting to be washed!), and it’s holding up beautifully so far. As you can see in the pictures, I chose the purple with green snaps. It’s a lovely reddish purple. As you can tell, purple is my favorite color, and this diaper is my favorite shade of purple. The rise snaps are purple so they blend in. I really like the contrast of the lime green waist snaps with the purple. I haven’t had any wicking around the legs yet, but I tend to kind of tuck in the legs so the bamboo isn’t exposed.


My Opinion Overall

I’m really liking Funky Fluff’s bamboo diaper. I use it a LOT. One thing I don’t really like is that the bamboo covers the whole inside of the diaper. I don’t like touching pee when I’m taking a diaper off. lol But the diaper has only been that soaked once (the six hour trial I gave it). I want to try their stay dry diaper. And they have lots of pretty colors!

To Purchase and Get News

You can follow Funky Fluff on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to find out the latest. Funky Fluff’s stay dry, bamboo, and wet bags are available at Kelly’s Closet.  In Canada?  Then you can get your Funky Fluff Fix at Cozy Bums.


I’ve had the diaper for over three months now, so I figured I’d update as to how it’s holding up since I mentioned how I had my doubts about that. It’s actually holding up really well. Yes, it’s gotten stained, but the bamboo is still pretty soft and the inserts still hold a lot. It’s still a diaper that I reach for almost daily. lol It’s one diaper that I have a matching outfit for, so I try to save it for when Little Man wears it. It’s really one of my favorites. The elastics are pretty much perfect, the PUL is in great shape. The lining is stained and more rough, but still pretty soft. So I’m loving Funky Fluff.

Stash Shot Video (November 2014)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a stash video.  So here’s the update.  (Now it’s time for an epic destash!)

New Cloth Diaper Release – AMP, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Funky Fluff & FuzziBunz!

It’s been a huge week in terms of new cloth diaper release announcements!  To recap, we’ve got a whole bunch of new cloth diaper prints and colors to choose from.  There have been new cloth diaper release announcements from AMP, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Funky Fluff, and FuzziBunz! [Read more…]

Funky Fluff 2.0 Review

For the sake of disclosure, I received this Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 cloth diaper to review. I’m far too opinionated to let something like that influence my opinion!

When Maman Loup let me know that the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 was in need of reviewers, I jumped on the chance.  I really loved the original incarnation of the Funky Fluff Stay Dry (which I used primarily as a pocket diaper), so I was excited to see what would come next.

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is a Canadian home-based business started by two moms and friends in the Toronto area. Kathy and Tricia spent many a night after their kids were in bed designing a diaper. Their versatile designs and contrasting colors made Funky Fluff happen. These ladies are also exceptionally giving. They’ve been known to help Cloth for a Cause, my personal favorite charity, on more than one occasion.

What’s Changed in the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0?

The original Funky Fluff diaper had double gussets, but the new Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 has done away with the double gusset system.  The middle of the diaper is a bit narrower for a trimmer fit.  The inserts are just a tiny bit narrower to accommodate the slimmer design.  The back elastics are a bit wider.

Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 Review and Giveaway, Cloth Diaper Addicts

What’s Awesome About These Changes?

When you’ve got a newborn, double gussets are king. It’s pretty much a necessity for containing runny breastfed newborn baby poo, especially if you’ve got a once a week pooper. However, once you get past that stage, the double gussets are less convenient, particularly in the “peanut butter poo” stage. Getting rid of the double gussets has made it far more convenient to use the shell as an all-in-two; the microsuede-topped insert can just lie on top instead of on top of double gussets. This also gives a trimmer fit when taking advantage of the all-in-two option.

The narrower middle and the narrower inserts? That means that you’ll have no problems tucking your Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 diaper under a pair of jeans. Plus, less bulk overall makes for a much better looking fit.

The widening of the back elastics is a comfort measure. You know how sometimes you get that sock line on your legs after you take the socks off? That’s from the pressure of the elastics. Not a crucial issue, but it’s not particularly attractive. We like to see it even less on our babies who can’t verbalize if it’s too much pressure or whatnot. That wider elastic means that the pressure point is distributed over a wider area, which means red “sock line” reduction and more comfortable fit.

Funky Fluff 2.0 Stay Dry Review and GiveawayWhat’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0?

I’m seriously in love with all of the changes. They’re little things, but those little things added up to make one really, seriously cool diaper. I’ve always been a fan of the contrasting snaps on the PUL, and this hasn’t changed. It’s an awesome little diaper… and I think I should add more to my already excessive stash just for the color combos!

I also love the fact that it’s a diaper that comes with options. I love versatile diapers that can be used in a number of ways, and the pocket/all-in-two option of Funky Fluff never disappoints.

About Those Options…

Now there are even more options available. Once upon a time, when you bought a Funky Fluff diaper, you got the inserts that you got and that was it. Now, for those who love to use the Funky Fluff as an all-in-two, you can order additional inserts so that you can get two changes out of your Funky Fluff shell instead of one. Or (and this is one of my FAVORITE new options with the Funky Fluff a la carte ordering) if you like the stay dry shell and bamboo inserts, you can just order the bamboo inserts separately to use in your Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 as a pocket.

What Would I Change?

There’s really only one area that I would change on the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0. It’s a really minor, petty thing, but it’s worth mentioning… otherwise it would just be a perfect review. The hip snap? It’s awesome for preventing wing droop issues, and I love it. But it snaps into the bottom row and I’d prefer it to snap into the top, just because the hip snap is usually the last snap that I use. That, however, is such a minor issue that’s just a personal preference that it doesn’t impact the overall awesomeness of the diaper.

Bottom Line?

I thought that the original Funky Fluff Fusion was a great pocket diaper. Thanks to these changes, the Funky Fluff Stay Dry 2.0 is now an awesome all-in-two diaper, too. So if you aren’t the lucky winner, you should most definitely go out and buy a few to add to your stash!


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Funky Fluff 10,000 Fan Celebration (Closed)

Funky Fluff Fan Love!

$449 in total prizes

Hosted by Natural Mother Magazine and Funky Fluff

February 7 – 20, 2014

Open to US and Canada

Funky Fluff is celebrating a milestone of 10,000 Facebook fans!  In partnership with Funky Fluff retailers and local Companies, we are offering all Funky Fluff fans a chance to win one of 3 fabulous prize packs!  This is all to thank you for your ongoing support and love of Funky Fluff cloth diapers.  Each prize pack has something for mama, baby and for their cloth diapers!

PRIZE PACK 1 – Value:  $157.96

Prize Pack 1

Funky Fluff is providing two of their award winning 3 in 1 Cloth Diapers.  Pick a fabric and color of your choice!

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The Joyful Giraffe provided Babytime! by Episencial Go Baby Basics Set including organic Playful Wash, Snuggly Lotion, Nurturing Balm, Soothing Cream and Sunny Sunscreen. The Joyful Giraffe is an online cloth diaper and accessory shop based out of the Chicago area, Illinois, US. Kate, the owner, offers many reusable and natural products for the whole family in her store. The Joyful Giraffe offers a great Newborn Rental Program which is perfect for someone who does not want to invest in newborn diapers as our little ones tend to grow out of them quickly. Learn more about The Joyful Giraffe at

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PRIZE PACK 2 – Value: $155.93

Prize Pack 2

Funky Fluff is providing two of their award winning 3 in 1 Cloth Diapers.  Pick a fabric and color of your choice!

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PRIZE PACK 3 – Value: $135.18

Prize Pack 3

Funky Fluff is providing two of their award winning 3 in 1 Cloth Diapers.  Pick a fabric and color of your choice!

Simply Green Baby provided Buncha Farmers Stain Stick, Pure Wool Dryer Balls (3 pack) and a pair of Baby Legs! Simply Green Baby, located in Oakville, Ontario is a premiere brick & mortar boutique as well as an online retailer. Their mission is to provide healthy and safe products to customers who want to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Their goal is to make your decision to go GREEN easier by providing a wide selection of organic, eco-friendly products at a competitive price.  They believe that going GREEN should not be a luxury, but rather a staple.  Visit them at

Green with Joy provided 3 pack of reusable nursing pads and 5 pack of Organic Cotton Sherpa Wipes. Green with Joy is based in Kensington, PEI, Canada. Sara who owns the store offers eco-friendly, organic and natural products for baby, mom and family. She carries a thoughtfully selected line of quality cloth diapers and accessories; bath and body products; and nursing and feeding supplies. She strives to provide her customers with the best online shopping experience from beginning to end! Learn more about Green with Joy at

Jess’ Crunchy Shop provided a Toofeze Baby Teether.  Jess’ Crunchy Shop is a Canadian retailer based in Kitchener, ON and offers natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products.  They have a specific emphasis on unique and non-toxic baby and kids’ essentials, while still offering a variety of products to suit the rest of the family.  Their goal is to provide affordable, high quality products to suit everyone – regardless of where you fall on the green living spectrum.  Learn more at


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Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Funky Fluff

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Funky Fluff (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Today’s cute fluffy bum features my own little princess Eudora.  She’s wearing a Funky Fluff diaper in grey with pink snaps.

Where to buy Funky Fluff: Lagoon Baby

Funky Fluff Review (Giveaway Closed)

I’m pretty biased, but I think I’ve got an amazing prize.  Funky Fluff kindly provided me with a Funky Fluff Bamboo 3-in-1 Fusion diaper and a double pocket wet bag for review.

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is a Canadian home-based business started by two moms and friends in the Toronto area.  Kathy and Tricia spent many a night after their kids were in bed designing a diaper.  Their versatile designs and contrasting colors made Funky Fluff happen.  These ladies are also exceptionally giving.  They’ve been known to help Cloth for a Cause, my personal favorite charity, on more than one occasion.

Funky Fluff Fusion Design

The Funky Fluff Fusion diaper is called a 3-in-1 system because you can use the diaper in three different ways: snap the soaker in the pocket for an all-in-one, snap the soaker on top for an all-in-two, or just stuff the soaker in for a pocket diaper.  It comes in a stay dry system and a bamboo system.  The stay dry gets you a microfiber soaker topped with a stay dry fabric.  (I think it’s microsuede.  It’s not prone to pilling at all.)  The bamboo style gets you four layered bamboo soakers and a super soft bamboo inner.  I’ll be reviewing the bamboo style.


The Funky Fluff Fusion is a snap closure diaper designed with a hip snap in a three snap configuration.  There are two rows of snaps across the diaper to allow for ease of hip and waist adjustment.  The snaps also cross over.  Funky Fluff is a one size diaper designed to adjust with snap rise, and comes with a double gusset inner.

What’s Awesome about the Funky Fluff Fusion

I love that the Funky Fluff Fusion gives you options.  Even if I don’t actually use the options (as I prefer to use it as a pocket), I like that I can choose how I use it.  The hip snaps prevent that gross and awful wing droop.  The crossover snaps make it fit smaller, and the snap configuration makes it possible to fold a dirty diaper up on itself.  That’s fantastic if you forget your wetbag.  (And I totally love that because I am really bad about forgetting a wetbag.)  Instead of the standard two rows of snap rise, the Funky Fluff Fusion has three rows.  Sure, Eudora is big enough to be on the last row of rise snaps, but this is awesome for getting babies in that diaper earlier.  The double gusset design is great for keeping in poo (even the runny exclusive breastfed stuff) and the waterproofing strip in the front helps keep in the wet.

What’s Not Awesome about the Funky Fluff Fusion

There’s only one minor thing with the design on Funky Fluff Fusion that I would change: the hip snap.  I love that it exists, but the placement is in the wrong spot for my taste.  It snaps onto the bottom row.  I would prefer it to snap on the top, just because of the order that I use for snapping diapers.  I know, it’s weird.  It’s super minor, but it works.

In a Nutshell?

I’d totally recommend it.  It’s a fun diaper with fun colors to go with it.

Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag

The Funky Fluff double pocket wet bag is a convenient little creation.  It’s big enough to hold 7 diapers, which is fantastic for a day’s out and about.  It’s designed with a handy little zipper in the top and a second pouch in the front.  This is great; I’ve got a place to put the dry diapers so that they’re nice and organized and contained within the diaper bag.  There’s a little loop with a snap that makes it perfect to attach to the handle on the back of my seat in the mini van, the stroller, and the towel rod in the bathroom.  It’s fantastic.

You want one of your own?  There are a few ways to get your Funky Fluff Fusion: you can order it directly from Funky Fluff’s store, from Lagoon Baby, or you can enter to win it right here if you live in the US or Canada and are 18+.  (Giveaway closed)

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