In Defense of Fuzzi Bunz

Fuzzi Bunz has gotten some negative criticism from other cloth diaper addicts after Shark Tank.  Was it deserved?  Maybe.  Some of it didn’t go as nicely as it could.  Her profits were rather disappointing.  But you know what?  That means nothing to me.

If I were an investor, I may care more about the profitability of Fuzzi Bunz.  I may care more about the patent issues.  I may care more about a lot of things, but I’m not an investor.  I’m a mom who started using cloth diapers for a multitude of reasons.  I started using cloth diapers because I care about the environment.  I started using cloth diapers because I wanted to save money.  Most of all, I started using cloth diapers because I didn’t want my child to live with chemicals against his butt.

Out of my… somewhere in the neighborhood of 100, I guess?  Anyway, out of my large stash of mainly premium diapers, around a quarter of them are Fuzzi Bunz.  Some people have said that they won’t buy any other Fuzzi Bunz, that Tereson Dupuy’s commentary about her design being copied was sour grapes or whatever else.  Here’s the nutshell of it: she’s right about the design of another brand of diaper being far, far too similar to her own for comfort.  Having been plagiarised in my writing and having had my former boss take credit for my work with a huge client and with our division president, I don’t blame her for being peeved.

But even if I couldn’t relate to her anger (and I most certainly can), there’s another reason that I’m not going to suddenly turn my back on Fuzzi Bunz: they work.  I love the design.  I love the ease of replacing the elastics.  They’re my husband’s favorite diapers in my stash because they’re the easiest ones for him to fasten.  He knows where the snaps go on both of our children.  He doesn’t have to guess.

I will not suddenly stop loving Fuzzi Bunz because of something that Tereson Dupuy said on television.  She hasn’t done anything illegal.  She hasn’t done anything unethical.  She hasn’t done anything immoral.  Therefore, she has not done anything to earn the level of criticism that some in the cloth diapering community have levelled at her.  I’m sorry she didn’t get the opportunity for more investments.  I am, however, extremely glad that she got the opportunity to pitch using cloth diapers.  The pitch part was great.

I hope to see Fuzzi Bunz continue with their endeavors in the future!

Who Needs Diaper Covers? (Wordless Wednesday)

A lot of the time, I see cute little girl dresses with matching diaper covers.  I hardly use them.  We use cloth diapers.  They’re already cute.  Why on earth would I want to cover them up?!

Eudora rocking Fuzzi Bunz in ChocoTruffle

Peekaboo! She’s playing peekaboo with her doll, but she’s showing off her GroVia hybrid diaper in Surf!

Butts up? Norton’s Cookie Monster Best Bottom diaper is very appropriate… especially in his Sesame Street themed bedroom.

Compression Leaks Have Me Rethinking Microfiber Inserts

Up until this point, I have been madly in love with microfiber inserts in my cloth diaper stash.  Microfiber inserts hold lots and wick away moisture, which is crucial when you’ve got a baby as prone to diaper rash as my little Eudora.  Unfortunately, we’re having a little problem that I’d only read about. [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday – My Diaper Models

Is there anything more adorable than a happy baby with a fluffy bum?  I don’t think so… except maybe my happy babies with fluffy bums.  Of course, I’m also a little biased. 😉

Eudora modeling Fuzzi Bunz One Size in Choco Truffle


Eudora models the Baby Kicks 3G in Poppy


Norton shows us how to read with feet in his Best Bottom diaper in Cookie Monster