Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – FuzziBunz

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - FuzziBunz (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Today’s cute fluffy bum features a much tinier Eudora wearing a FuzziBunz one size (original style) in Choco Truffle.  While the old one size is no longer manufactured, you can still get this gorgeous color in the new FuzziBunz Elite!

Where to buy FuzziBunz Elite: Cozy Bums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (US/Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shoppe (US)

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – FuzziBunz

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - FuzziBunz (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Today’s cute fluffy bum is modeling a FuzziBunz one size in Kumquat!  It’s the old one size style, but you can still get improved FuzziBunz in the 2013 Elite!

Where to buy FuzziBunz Elite: Cozy Bums (Canada), Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (US/Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shoppe (US)

FuzziBunz Elite 2013 – New and Fun Fluff

Theoretically, I should stop buying diapers.  In all actuality, there is no further reason for me to buy any other cloth diapers ever.  But let’s be serious: that’s so not going to stop me.  Now that I’ve got a couple of FuzziBunz Elite 2013 diapers in my cloth diaper stash, I’m seriously considering getting more.  Granted, I’ve always been a bit partial to FuzziBunz diapers: it’s what I started my stash with.

FuzziBunz 2013 Elite Design

The FuzziBunz 2013 Elite diaper is a one size pocket diaper.  Like all FuzziBunz one size versions, the 2013 comes with a newborn and a large insert.  It also has snap closures in their traditional three snap configuration and the rise and leg sizing is adjustable through buttonhole elastic.  The leg elastics and back waist elastic are all replaceable without the need to sew.

What’s Awesome About the FuzziBunz Elite 2013

The FuzziBunz Elite 2013 has returned to some of the best features of the original one size diaper.  The microfiber insert is back.  The diaper is larger and wider to fit larger toddlers longer.  (And considering we’re still struggling with Norton and potty training, that’s a very, very good thing.)  The PUL is smoother, so it’s an easier diaper to stuff.  Additionally, it just feels like it’s better quality.  The old FuzziBunz Elite design wasn’t totally scrapped, though: the 2013 design still has that wonderful hidden adjustable elastic.  That it can be replaced in ten minutes or less with no more than a safety pin is a huge bonus for this girl who doesn’t sew.  I love that this design still has enough of the same snap configuration to be good for the husband: FuzziBunz have always been the first diapers that he’s reached for when he changes our kids.  Additionally, they’ve got one of the best guarantees in the industry with a lifetime warranty on the PUL.

Not only that, but now FuzziBunz has new colors and prints available.  I’ve already got the Swirl, but I’ve got to get Puzzle for my future son-in-law.  There’s nothing cuter than Huan and Eudora in matching bums.

FuzziBunz Elite 2013 (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Eudora modeling the Limited Eldition

What’s Not Awesome About the FuzziBunz Elite 2013

FuzziBunz has stopped including the spare replacement elastic.  It’s understandable: people were always losing them.  I didn’t, though, and really loved the convenience of having the spare elastic on hand.  However, FuzziBunz will send replacements.  The buttonhole elastic has changed on the FuzziBunz Elite 2013, too: it’s significantly narrower and no longer numbered.  I loved the numbered holes; it made adjusting the entire stash to be a painless endeavor.

The Long and Short

If you didn’t like the previous designs because they were too narrow, then this just might be your new love.  The new designs are the same width as the Perfect Size diapers, which have been a constant favorite even among those who didn’t care for the one size.  I’m certainly enjoying them!

Have you tried the new FuzziBunz Elite 2013?



Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – FuzziBunz

IMG_4531-1This cute fluffy bum is a throwback of Norton.  He’s sleeping peacefully on his giraffe Pillow Pet wearing a white FuzziBunz one size diaper.  (These are pre-Elite.)  While these particular diapers are discontinued, you can get updated FuzziBunz 2013 Elites.

Where to buy: Cozy Bums (Canada), Lagoon Baby (US/Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US), Kissed by the Moon (US/Can), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)

Favorite Cloth Diaper Ever?

It seems like a lot of people out there really can name a favorite cloth diaper if asked.  Heather over at The Parenting Patch is a Best Bottom fanatic.  K, a local friend, was all about the BumGenius with her daughter.  And my good friend Nikki is all about the AMPs.  Sure, K and Nikki will play with other brands and really enjoy some of them, but at the end of the day, they know what their favorite cloth diaper is.

When I see a question like this one:

Have you ever found a diaper you love so much you want to sell your whole stash and buy only them?” [Read more…]

FuzziBunz Limited Edition Diapers – Coming Soon!

Oh, FuzziBunz….  Teresen Dupuy….  You’re killing me.  I love my FuzziBunz diapers.  They’re my husband’s favorites in my stash.  And now there’s more FuzziBunz limited edition diapers on the way.

I knew about the Swirl and Puzzle FuzziBunz limited edition diapers.  I blogged about those last week with my post on what’s new.  But when Kerri of CozyBums told me about the new limited editions she’d just put on the website, I cringed.  I knew that there was a very good chance that I’d have to have them.  After all, I need limited edition diapers.  (Yeah, yeah.  “Need” is such a subjective word when one is talking about her addiction.)

So what does FuzziBunz limited edition diapers have in store?  It’s something that I’m pretty sure FuzziBunz has never done before.

*insert drum roll*

Minky animal prints.

FuzziBunz Limited Edition Diapers (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

If you’re a fan of animal prints, then you’ll want the FuzziBunz limited edition diapers.  Heck, I’m not a fan of animal prints at all, and I’m still kind of eyeballing the zebra print.  It’ll look great with red.

Still, though, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new limited edition animal diapers…  And I’m really eager to get my hands on the FuzziBunz Swirl.  On top of the seven new FuzziBunz limited edition diapers, there are also some new colors added to the lineup that I need: black, gray, and blueberry!  (Really, who doesn’t need a little black diaper?)

Which diapers in the new FuzziBunz line up are you most excited about?

Where to buy FuzziBunz diapers: CozyBums (Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon shop (US)

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum

“Does this nappy make my butt look big?”

Daily Fluffy Bum - FuzziBunz

This cute fluffy bum is modeling FuzziBunz Elite (old style).

New Cloth Diaper Reveals for Spring 2013

There are a few definite signs that spring is here.  One, of course, is that there’s finally no snow left in my yard and that most of the local trails are clear.  The other is that companies are announcing their new cloth diaper prints.

It seems like every time I think that it’s time to downsize and I manage to get rid of a few less used items in my cloth diaper stash, the new cloth diaper lines come out and I see things that I just have to have.  If it’s a release that have matching boy/girl diapers for Eudora and Huan, then Huan’s mom and I are all over that.


Fuzzi Bunz New Cloth Diaper Prints

Fuzzi Bunz New Cloth Diaper Prints

FuzziBunz new prints are limited edition.  The left one, called Swirl, reminds me of roses.  I’m completely loving it.  The right new cloth diaper print is called Puzzle, and is to represent the living puzzle of Autism.  Autism is a cause that is very near and dear to Tereson Dupuy’s heart, so it’s extremely appropriate.  That being said, I’m looking forward to adding Swirl to my stash.  Because, you know, I just don’t have enough diapers.  And I think Huan will look very handsome in the Puzzle.

GroVia New Cloth Diaper Colors

GroVia's New Cloth Diaper Line Up

So, ignoring the typo, I’m loving the vibrant colors!  The citrus is a really nice, acidic yellow.  The persimmon will add a nice pop of color.  Nice job, GroVia!

Rumparooz New Cloth Diaper Prints

Rumparooz new cloth diaper

Rumparooz has presented us with a super trendy stripy pair called Dexter (left) and Quinn (right.)  Huan’s mom suggested that these might be the new matching pair that we’ll have to get for Huan and Eudora… But I’m really just loving the Dexter.  Okay, so the name makes me think of serial killers with a code rather than diapers, but it’s just a killer cute print.

Hmm.  The more I look at the Quinn, though, the more it grows on me.

ThirstiesThirsties New Cloth Diaper

Okay, the new cloth diaper from Thirsties (called Polka Dance) is seriously cute.  I love the white piping that’s always present on the Thirsties Duo Pocket, and this print is no exception.

Which new cloth diaper prints are you most excited about?





FuzziBunz Inserts Absorbency Test

I really do enjoy doing the occasional cloth diaper absorbency test post.  If nothing else, they’re always quite educational and can sometimes be surprising.  Recently, I put my FuzziBunz inserts to the test.  I’m a big fan of FuzziBunz cloth diapers.  In fact, that was the first diaper I ever bought.  I decided to put them to the test after noticing the size differences when comparing FuzziBunz One Size diapers to the new FuzziBunz Elite one size diapers.

FuzziBunz Inserts Absorbency Test (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

From left to right: large microfiber, small microfiber, large minky, and small minky FuzziBunz inserts

[Read more…]

Pocket Cloth Diapers – My Passion

I love pocket cloth diapers.  It seems that I’m not alone: Prince George seems to be a pocket cloth diapers town.  Most of the local moms that use cloth diapers are particularly fond of them.

Why do I love pocket cloth diapers?  (And what do I think makes them so popular?)

Pocket Cloth Diapers are Easy

My husband has ginormous hands.  He has never stuffed any of my pocket cloth diapers and refuses to do so.  For him, pocket cloth diapers are no more difficult than disposables.  Some pocket diapers are easier than others for him, though: he has stated point blank that he prefers FuzziBunz diapers.  He knows how those go on.  The snap placement is 100% consistent.

Pocket Diapers are Versatile

Are you going to be going out for a while?  No problem.  Add a booster and call it done.  If you’re tired of microfiber for whatever reason, just buy new inserts in whatever fiber you prefer.  You can bulk it up for an overnight cloth diapering solution.  Really, you can stuff whatever you want into the pockets to get the level of absorbency that you need.  (Within reason, of course.  Some pockets have more generous space to stuff things than others.)  That versatility also includes the dizzying array of prints and colors available.  There’s also a wide variety of inner fabric, too.

Pocket Cloth Diapers Exist in a Variety of Price Points

My first pocket cloth diapers were FuzziBunz one size diapers.  They were $25 each, which was pretty on-par for those diapers back then.  You can get premium brand pocket diapers for up to $28 each or China Cheapies for $3 each if you use a co-op.  You can also find pocket diapers in all price points and quality levels in between.

Are you a fan of pocket diapers?  What’s your favorite?

Pocket Cloth Diapers - My Passion (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Pocket cloth diapers are the bulk of my stash.