Giving Cloth Diaper Wipes Another Chance #Throwback

I’m trying harder to go for more green parenting initiatives in my home.  I’ve tried cloth diaper wipes before, and found them to be just too gross at that time.  Well, I’ve decided to give them another shot.  After all, I’m already doing the laundry to wash cloth diapers, anyway.  So, really, it’s not like the cloth diaper wipes would be more work, right?

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Adventures in Babywearing – My Velcro Baby

Adventures in Babywearing – My Velcro Baby (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Norton and me on the trail up to Bridal Falls. Sling: Heart 2 Heart

When Norton was tiny, he was okay with not being held.  In fact, he preferred it.  We didn’t do a whole lot of babywearing, but when we did, it was because we were going to truly have some adventures in babywearing.  Our adventures in babywearing were of the outdoor variety.  I carried him in a Heart 2 Heart ring sling when we went to Hell’s Gate and Bridal Falls.  I wore him in a Snugli when we went to  the Ancient Forest.  (I’ve since learned that the Snugli style of carrier are referred to as “crotch danglers” and are not the best option.)  Our attempts at adventures in babywearing with a Moby wrap didn’t go so well, but probably because I waited too long to try it.  It was okay when we got the Ergo carrier, but again, at that point, he was over being worn.

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