Fifteen Weeks Pregnant (and Sixteen, too) – A Nervous Update

I’m eighteen weeks pregnant.  Wow.  When I think about how quickly it seems like I got to the point of being eighteen weeks pregnant, I can’t help but be amazed.  I’ve been slow about blogging about my pregnancy lately just because it seems like life is busy and I missed one week, then I wanted to catch up before I wrote about the following week and so on.  The end result has been that there hasn’t been much documentation between fourteen weeks pregnant and eighteen weeks pregnant.  Particularly considering I hit nineteen weeks tomorrow.  Wow.

So, quick recap on being fifteen weeks pregnant and sixteen weeks pregnant:

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Fourteen Weeks Pregnant – Really?

As of Thursday, I officially hit the fourteen weeks pregnant mark.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t been having much happen in terms of prenatal care, or maybe it’s because I’m so darned busy with Norton that I don’t have time to dwell on every little change that’s happening with my body this time around, but getting to the fourteen weeks pregnant point seems to have just flown by.

At this point, my baby is roughly the size of a large navel orange (as opposed to last week when we were about the size of a really small one).   He’s moving about, but I’m not actually feeling it yet.  He’s starting to practice doing the things that will be crucial to survival when he (or she) finally gets here, like breathing, swallowing, and sucking.

As for me, things are going all right.  I’m still very tired, but that’s largely because I’m not sleeping very well.  I have awful headaches and I was taken off of my amitriptyline weeks ago.  I’ve always had awful headaches, but my headaches during pregnancy are even nastier.  And of course, my usual regimen for dealing with it is out when it comes to headaches during pregnancy: I can’t take Advil Migraine.  (I get the American stuff when I go to the States; it’s different than what we have in Canada and works far better for me.)  Ibuprofen is out for treating headaches during pregnancy.

There’s been no change in the weight gain department; I weigh the same now as I did fourteen weeks ago.  However, I do have quite the belly and have sprouted two cup sizes.  So I really don’t get the lack of weight gain thing.

I had a prenatal visit with Dr. K, the doctor who prescribed my Clomid, on Thursday, too.  I have to say, I’m kind of annoyed.  My family doctor referred me to him, even though I suspected that Dr. K would not handle my prenatal care for the duration of my pregnancy.  He only handles high risk patients.  He’s the place to go for fertility issues in Prince George.  He’s also teaching at the medical school and is Chief of Obstetrics at the hospital.  He’s busy.  The wait list to get into his office is generally two months, if you’re lucky.

When I saw Dr. K for my prenatal visit, he did the usual poking and prodding.  He did my pap smear, since it’s been six months and I was due (since I haven’t had a normal pap smear in three years).  He talked to me about my VBAC delivery options, and I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he thought that I’d been referred to him because I was adamant about a c-section, and he was going to try to convince me to go for a VBAC delivery in the first place.

Then he suggested a midwife, which really irritated me.  I’d love to have a midwife, but since there aren’t enough and they are all booked, it’s not an option.  (It didn’t irritate me because he suggested it; it irritated me because I’d already thought of that and been shot down at every practice.)  However, at the same time, he recognized that I’ve kind of gotten screwed in terms of prenatal care since I’ve essentially had none at this point.  So he did the requisition for my twenty week ultrasound, and I’ll have an appointment with him again after.  So, yeah.  I’ll be looking at about two months between appointments, which is also annoying the crap out of me.  He’s also planning on referring me to a family doctor who does prenatal care.

I was also disappointed by no doppler at the check up.  At this rate, I’m going to be delivered by whatever intern will be at the hospital, and maybe she’ll be assisted by a med student.

On the bright side, at least he gave me a prescription for amitriptyline, even though he doesn’t want me to use it as it’s intended when prescribed for headaches (as a preventative, not a treatment).  And since I’m fourteen weeks pregnant, at least I’m well over a third of the way through.