When a Helpful Preschooler Isn’t

Sometimes, Norton can annoy me.  Sometimes when he annoys me, it’s because he’s trying so hard to be a helpful preschooler… and it just doesn’t work.  That realization is crucial to my ongoing attempts at being a better mom.  Like the most recent “helpful preschooler” incident…

This morning I posted my first Train Track Tuesday post in a while.  I just hadn’t been able to sit down and really build a nice layout that we can have fun with.  Usually, it’s either because Norton’s room isn’t clean enough for me to want to be in there and build or because Eudora is “helping” by being The Destroyer of Worlds.  (Read: Eudora is knocking things over and making it impossible to build.) [Read more…]

Helpful Toddler – Norton’s First Chore

For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn Norton into a helpful toddler.  Yes, he has his helpful toddler moments when he pays attention to Eudora, like by rocking her in her baby bucket when we’re getting ready to go out to the van.  He throws the wrapper to his string cheese in the garbage after we open it for him.  But he’s still a toddler.  He does things like scatter blocks around his room ten minutes (or less) after I go in and clean up.  He eats dog food if he gets into the stairwell.  Or he bolts out the door into the back yard.  While it’s all typical, none of these are exactly the marks of being a helpful toddler who will grow into a boy who does chores, et cetera.

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The Helpful Toddler Experience

I am astonished.  For the first time, I have gotten to experience a truly helpful toddler.  Usually, when I talk about Norton being a helpful toddler, it’s done with a heaping serving of sarcasm.  You know, like he’s so “helpful” when he decides to push the carpet shampooer when I’m using it, or how it’s so “helpful” when he goes into the dishwasher and throws clean silverware on the floor.

But today, Norton was really a helpful toddler, and it just amazed me.

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