Best Homemade Bread Recipe EVER!

Okay, so I don’t do a lot of posting of recipes.  I’m not the creative, make your own recipe type of person, and I don’t want to scalp someone else’s recipes to post on my blog.  However, last night I had the most amazing homemade bread, and since the husband created this, I can share it with no fear of copyright infringement.  The husband has given me permission to share the best homemade bread recipe EVER.

No, this is not an exaggeration.  He made it last night while I was walking the dog because we were out of bread and neither of us wanted to to go the store.  (Seriously, how awesome is this guy?  I’d rather take the dog on a walk through the woods than bake bread, so he put the bread machine that’s been languishing on the top of my kitchen cabinets since I was afraid to tackle a real homemade bread recipe.)  In the morning, I got up and found that there was a beautiful loaf of fresh homemade bread waiting for me.

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