Adventures in Babywearing – Facing in or Out? (Hot Topic Tuesday)

Today my friend Heather at Parenting Patch asked a Hot Topic Tuesday question: do you wear your baby facing in or out?  I’ve been fairly variable with adventures in babywearing.  I’ve done a lot more adventures in babywearing with Eudora than I did with Norton, but that’s generally because Eudora is much clingier than Norton ever was.  My style of babywearing has changed quite a bit with each of my children.

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Hot Topic Tuesday: Baby Shoes

There’s nothing that I love more than a pair of cute baby shoes.  They’re an adorable, tiny little accessory that I can easily hold in my hands later when I marvel over how much my baby has grown.  And, really, a pair of cute baby shoes can complete an outfit.

The question asked this week, though, is should babies wear shoes?

No.  They certainly don’t need shoes in the same way that adults do.  In terms of development of those tiny, cute baby feet, shoes are actually not so great.  It’s important to “set your piggies free” for bone development, et cetera.

However, there are more to owning cute baby shoes than fashion.

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Hot Topic Tuesday – Are Locked Doors Safer or Hazardous?

I never thought that whether one did or didn’t lock a toddler in their bedrooms would be a hot topic.  Whether a parent is for or against door locks, there is one thing that they all agree on: it’s a safety issue.  Fire safety comes up a lot in this topic: pro-locked door parents prefer it because they know where their kid will be in the event of an emergency and can get to the child in a hurry.  Opponents of door locks denounce it because the kid doesn’t have a fighting chance at getting out on his or her own.

Me?  I fall under the category of “YAY for locks!” [Read more…]

Hot Topic Tuesday – Baby Butt Covers

Whether you’re into crunchy parenting or convenient parenting, there’s one thing that the majority of Western parents agree on: we use something to cover our baby’s butts.  But what kind of butt covering we use can be the subject of controversy or outright hostility.  When it comes to using cloth diapers versus disposables, everyone has an opinion.  Of course, if you’ve read my blog here or on What to Expect, you’re probably aware that I’m a big fan of using cloth diapers.

There are quite a few reasons that we decided on using cloth diapers: 1.) long term cost effectiveness, 2.) reduction of landfill waste, and 3.) darned cute! [Read more…]

Hot Topic Tuesday – When is a Large Family Too Large?

Last week, the Duggars announced that they are expecting baby number 20.  Wow.  Right off the bat, I started hearing things about “Yay, Duggars!  Yay, Godly family expanding!”  Of course, not everyone was cheering.  There were more than a few jeers about irresponsibility.

This got me thinking… when has a family grown too large?

Like most parenting issues, there is no one size fits all answer.  Instead, I have a different line of thought.  It’s more like a checklist. [Read more…]

Hot Topic Tuesday – How Long Should a Breastfeeding Mom Keep Up?

When it comes to how a woman feeds her baby, we have an interesting paradox.  On one hand, a breastfeeding mom with a newborn doesn’t seem to be a big issue.  If anything, that breastfeeding mom is given accolades for being such a good mom and doing the right thing for her baby.  She might be suffering, miserable, and working her way through it in the beginning, but she’s got some amount of social support.

As that baby grows up and beyond the tiny newborn phase, the support for the breastfeeding mom seems to wain.  In spite of the fact that it is illegal in most of the states (I think all of them, actually) and all of Canada, women are frequently sharing their stories of being asked not to feed their babies.  This fickle support begs the question: when has a breastfeeding mom been breastfeeding too long?

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Hot Topic Tuesday – Child Free Restaurants

I’ve heard all kinds of things on the ‘net about restaurants that have made a conscious decision to ban children below a certain age.  Some parents are enraged.  Some parents are thrilled that there are now options to have a quiet meal without listening to someone else’s children.

As for me, I love the idea.

Wait.  Before you burn my mom card or tell me that I must be a horrible parent to not want children around or something, allow me to elaborate.  We take Norton out to dinner on a regular basis.  We’ve gone to chain restaurants like Denny’s and White Spot that have a lot of kid friendly cuisine.  We’ve gone to sushi restaurants, family friendly sports bar restaurants, and a fondue house.  Among other places. [Read more…]

Hot Topic Tuesday – Family Sleeping Arrangements

Hot Topic TuesdaysWhen you ask an expectant mother where her baby will sleep, she has a definite answer.  Granted, sometimes the answer changes once the mother goes from being an expectant mother to being a mother, but still, when it comes to where the baby will sleep, that’s something that everyone has an opinion on.  The usual three plans are bed sharing or co-sleeping (having the baby right in bed with you), rooming in (having the baby in a crib, cradle, or something else in parents’ room), or having baby sleep in his own nursery from the very beginning.

Everyone will have a reason for why they do what they do, and it will be a very valid reason… for that family. [Read more…]

Why I Use a Toddler Leash – Hot Topic Tuesday

A whole lot of people criticize the toddler leash.  It’s okay; I totally understand why they aren’t fans of it.  A favorite reason for criticizing the toddler leash is that children are not dogs.  The husband bought our son a toddler leash when he was smaller, but we haven’t really used it much.

Now, though, I use that toddler leash any time we go somewhere that doesn’t have a shopping cart and isn’t particularly stroller friendly.

Hang on.  Before you decide that I must be too lazy to watch my kid or something, allow me to remind you of a little story.  Last month, Norton tried to take off in the library.  I was holding his hand.  He got hurt.  And we ended up spending hours in the hospital getting x-rays since he couldn’t use his arm at all.  That was when I found out about nursemaid’s elbow. [Read more…]