Infant Mobility – We Have Crawling!

Infant Mobility - We Have Crawling!Watching the development of infant mobility is such an awesome thing.  It starts out with rolling over.  Next we’re thrilled by an infant milestone that involves being still: sitting.  The final frontier of infant mobility is one that represents a need to baby proof things that you’d never dreamed of: crawling.  It’s the last milestone that is truly a baby milestone before our babies become toddlers.

Eudora has hit that last milestone.  At eight months old, she is the terror of the floor.  No one’s toes are safe as she roams the sea of carpet.

On the bright side, though, she seldom sneaks up on you when she’s truly excited to go.  She laughs and giggles and makes so much noise that you can hear her long before you see her… or feel her drool on your feet.

As much as we delight in watching Eudora get around, the reactions from the rest of the family have been mixed.  T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie is unperturbed by this development.  She’s already been there, done that with Norton.  Winston the Wonder Chihuahua isn’t to thrilled; he has to chase her down to lick her face.  Norton is definitely not a fan.  Now that Eudora can get around, it takes more effort for him to take toys away from her.  Moving it just out of her reach is no longer an option.  Now he has to take it away from her multiple times as she chases after it.

It’s wonderful.  I love watching her explore the world around her.  It helps that the house was already somewhat childproofed from when Norton started developing his own infant mobility skills.

What was your favorite part of having a newly mobile baby?

Packing Away Baby Gear Makes a Sad Mommy

We have an abundance of baby gear. Some baby gear has hardly been used, not by Norton or by Eudora. The pack n play is folded up and stored in the closet under the stairs. It was used maybe a dozen times. The matching stroller is also under the stairs. In fact, the only piece of matching baby gear that’s still in use is the car seat.

Even the baby swing is gone.

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When Infant Milestones Go Backwards

With Norton, I tracked his infant milestones relentlessly.  Every month, I’d open my trusty copy of What to Expect the First Year and do a series of blog posts on how Norton had done for that month’s list of infant milestones.  I was focused, and I think I was looking for some validation in regards to being a parent.  That level of focus drove me to distraction when the public health nurse asked me about Norton using crayons and his words (or lack thereof) when we went in for his vaccinations.  I took my not giving Norton crayons to color with (since he was still putting everything in his mouth) as a sign that I wasn’t doing all that great at being a parent.  I cried over his language delay, thinking it must somehow be my fault, even though he was ahead of the curve in so many other toddler and infant milestones.

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