Instinctive Reaction to Physical Pain – Parents Have This, Too!

There are times in life that people have an instinctive reaction called “fight or flight.”  If you’re reading a psych book, it’ll go into further detail and explain that it’s also known as acute stress response.  It kicks in when we experience extreme stress, whether it’s physical or emotional.  Newsflash: that instinctive reaction is just that – instinct.  It does not pay any mind to who is causing that acute stress response.  Our instincts are what have been bred into us.  It’s what kept our ancestors alive in the times before indoor plumbing.

A friend of mine is militantly anti-spanking.  (I’m of the “it’s a big, dangerous tool that should only be used for a very big job” kind of thing… like if he’s a danger to himself or others.)  Recently, her child hurt her… to the point that it left a mark.  She had an instinctive reaction to fend off the attacker… even though that attacker was her own child.  She slapped her child without even thinking about it. [Read more…]