Thoughts for Christmas – iPad Mini or iPad 4?

iPad mini

Will the iPad Mini be under your Christmas tree this year?

We love our Apple technology in this house.  While I’m not running on a Mac right now (but that’s definitely my laptop dream and something to consider for my next laptop), we’ve got more than our fair share of Apple devices in our household.  We’ve had every single gen of the iPod touch.  (My husband’s first gen was stolen along with our passports a few years ago.  Norton slobbered into the port on my 2nd gen touch.  Norton is using my husband’s old 3rd gen after our 911 incident and my husband has a new 4th gen.)  And my husband loves his second gen iPad.

When rumors of the iPad Mini started floating around, I was intrigued.  I really, really liked the idea of a smaller, cheaper iPad.  It’s something that would be useful for me for blogging, cooking, and basically an in-bed internet source.  It’s something that would be useful for Norton because Apple is amazing for educational toddler apps.  Plus, there’s that lower price point.

Then there was the launch.  It was definitely more than I’d hoped that it would be.  Honestly, the price point difference between the iPad Mini and the iPad 4 (okay, with Retina Display) isn’t that significant when you’re talking about the amount that you’d be spending.  The iPad Mini is essentially an iPad 2 in a smaller case with some iPad 4 bells and whistles.

In spite of that, though, I was leaning towards getting the Mini.  I figured that since it’s something that I’d be sharing with my two year old, it really didn’t need to be the latest and greatest Apple device.  I would really use it mainly as an eReader.  (I have a Kobo and love it for reading books from the Kobo site, but it sucks for .pdf files.)  So, with that in mind, the Mini just made the most sense.

At least, I thought it did.  My husband, however, has a different idea in mind.  He’s leaning towards buying the iPad 4 so that he can have the upgraded version and pass his iPad 2 on to Norton and me.

What will we actually do?  I’m not sure yet.  I guess I’ll find out when I find a box under the tree.

Are you thinking of getting a new iPad?  Will you get the iPad Mini or the iPad 4?