Toddler Talking Gets Affectionate

If you look through the archives of my blog, you can see that toddler talking has been a bit of a struggle in our household.  Dealing with Norton’s toddler language delay has been full of trials and tribulations.  (Of course, raising a toddler is full of trials and tribulations in and of itself, so I guess the toddler talking part shouldn’t be a surprise.)

However, Norton managed something that shocked me recently.

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Toddler Talking Only Helps

Some mornings, Norton is all smiles.  He cooperates with his diaper change instead of fighting like an angry bear.  He’s cute and doing wonderfully fun things like playing with blocks or pushing himself across the room in his riding toy.

Then there are mornings like today.

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Norton Makes Animal Sounds

I know, I know.  Videos of a toddler talking or making noises doesn’t seem like a big deal.  But when you consider that six months ago, Norton was so far behind due to a toddler language delay that he was barely communicating at all, this is a huge victory.  With that in mind, I present “Norton Makes Animal Sounds.”


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Norton says Underwear! Toddler Talking at Its Finest


Filmed with my iPhone.  Pardon the mess.  Some things are just too awesome, regardless of the laundry mess.

Teaching Toddler Manners

Now that Norton’s toddler communication skills are a little more up to speed, I’ve been shifting my focus.  You see, he can use words to express ideas and desires… so now we’re working on getting him to use his words to express what he wants using the best toddler manners that his level of language can handle.  Obviously, at this point in time, toddler manners don’t include the expectations of saying “May I be excused?” when he’s done eating.  Considering Norton’s level of toddler communication tops out at two words, that’s a little unreasonable.

Here’s what we are doing to encourage toddler manners.

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Helpful Toddler Really Does Help

For a while now, whenever I’ve referred to Norton as a helpful toddler, it’s been with air quotes and meant in the loosest sense possible…  Such as my “helpful” toddler decided to throw my silverware on the floor.  But recently, Norton has managed to truly be a helpful toddler from time to time.

I’ve struggled with getting Norton to help with cleaning up his room in the past.  In fact, there were times that my cleaning up his room got me the most unpleasant response of having toddler toys scattered faster than I could pick them up.  I’m not sure what inspired this change, but I’m loving it.

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Toddler Language Development – Alliteration is Fun!

Toddler language development in our home has been an adventure.  Considering Norton had a non-medically caused toddler language delay, the road to getting him to talk has been a bumpy one.  Most of the time, I come across things that are talking about rhyming words, like “cat” and “hat.”  The gift of child friendly rhyme is why Dr. Seuss is still popular after half a century.  However, that aspect of toddler language development also doesn’t seem to be happening in the normal order.

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Toddler Talking Catches Up

I remember on the last day of Norton’s play group for toddler language delay, I’d told K (the speech pathologist) that if Norton started combining words, we’d be very nearly caught up in the toddler talking department.

I’m pleased to announce that not only is Norton constantly picking up new words, he’s actually using two words at a time for some things.  His toddler talking still isn’t necessarily understandable except to other parents, but it’s hugely improving and greatly rewarding for all of us.  Here are some examples of Norton’s two word phrases.

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Improvements in Toddler Talking

We’ve had great strides in toddler talking since Norton started attending his toddler play group for language delayed children.  We’ve gone from limited toddler talking to a near language explosion.  Mind you, I won’t go so far as to say that he’s entirely caught up, but… we’ve gone from one new word a week to sometimes having three new words in a day.

It’s amazing.  He identifies animals by name.  For quite some time, he’s been able to show me which of his toys is a cow when I ask.  But now, he brings me a cow and says the word.  He also says the word “chicken” (though it’s pronounced “kickin”, which is just awesome).  He does the same with other animals on his Melissa & Doug animal sound puzzle board.  This is super awesome because for a while, everything that wasn’t a person was a puppy.  (You should have seen the look on his face when he tried to chase after a “puppy” at the park and it flew away.  He knows puppies aren’t supposed to fly.  The problem was that puppy was actually a raven.)

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Toddler Talking and the Jello Incentive

Norton has made great strides in toddler talking.  Yes, he’s still dealing with a toddler language delay… but we’re overcoming it.  He’s babbling more.  He’s attempting words.  Some things, like “puppy” and “bubble” and “ball,” are said perfectly.  Some words (like “shoe” and “berry”) are less perfectly said, but still, it’s a huge toddler talking improvement.  I even know what he’s saying some of the time.

There are, however, some things that can convince Norton that he wants to attempt to use more words.  Usually, it’s because he wants something.

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