Major Strides in Toddler Talking

For over a year now, I’ve been worried about language delays and lack of toddler talking.  But the toddler language delay play group that Norton attends once a week is making a huge difference.  I’ve been thrilled in the past when Norton uses a couple of new words a week.  But now?  Toddler talking is non-stop.  Well, sort of.

You see, Norton was always a pretty quiet little boy.  Okay, he made loud sounds, but just not very often.  There wasn’t a whole lot of the typical babbling that comes before using words.  Now?  He’s babbling.  But even better, we’re getting more words.

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Toddler Talking and the Three Word Week

I’m just elated with our progress with toddler talking this week.  You see, lately Norton has been picking up one new word a week, and that’s been wonderful.  Every time he learns a new word, toddler communication gets that much easier… and I feel just a little bit more hopeful.  So when toddler talking included three words in a week, I was over the moon.

Our new words?  Well, they’re words that are pretty darned relevent.  Which is just awesome sauce.

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Toddler Parenting and Being Proud of the One I’ve Got

Norton is a pretty awesome little kid.  I know that he is.  Even with that in mind, though, toddler parenting isn’t without its challenges.  I’m pretty sure that toddler parenting has challenges, regardless of the toddler.  It’s just the nature of the job.  Sometimes, though, I have to remind myself to be happy with the one that I have, particularly when my mommy friends start discussing toddler talking.

Toddler talking is something that we struggle with.  Norton has a language delay, and there’s no cause for it other than “he’s just a late talker.”  Of course we’re getting help for the issue.  We see a speech pathologist fairly regularly.  We’re starting a playgroup for toddler language delay in a couple of weeks.  So when friends tell me about their children saying complete sentences, I feel a bit of envy.  I’d love to be able to take part in those conversations and share cute stories.

So, in light of this feeling of missing out over the things that Norton isn’t doing, I’m going to take a few minutes to remind myself of the awesome things that Norton does.

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Additional Help for Toddler Language Delay is on the Way!

I suspect that Norton’s toddler language delay is one of the most common things that I blog about.  After all, a toddler language delay is full of so many frustrations and triumphs that it’s something that I do focus on.  But now it looks like we’ll be getting some extra help with our toddler communication issues. [Read more…]

Oh, the Subtleties of Toddler Behavior

It’s amazing.  For a kid who doesn’t talk much (thank you, toddler language delay), Norton has little problem with getting his point across.  Sometimes toddler behavior can tell me more about what he wants than any amount of words or screaming.  While toddler behavior can often be perplexing, it’s pretty awesome when he leaves little to no doubt as to what he’s looking for.

For quite some time now, Norton has insisted on fastening his own high chair straps when he’s put in for food.  And he’s known to go to his chair when it’s meal time so that one of us can put him in his high chair for even longer.  It’s the routine and it’s one that works for us.  This week, Norton has figured out something else: he’s figured out how to climb up into his high chair all by himself.  I have to admit, being the kind of mom that I am, my first thought was safety: he’s going to fall off, smash his head on the table and break his skull.  Or some other horrifying thing that involved blood and tears, culminating in a panicked trip to the emergency room.

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Toddler Talking and the Road to Getting What You Want

I’ve made no secret of our issues with toddler talking, or the lack thereof.  Still, we seem to be having some improvement, and I have to admit that it’s thrilling to hear Norton use a new word.  Or to use a word consistently.  Oh, heck, it’s just good to hear any amount of toddler talking at all.  However, I’m starting to find that these strides in toddler talking may lead to a very, very spoiled little boy.

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The Subtleties of Toddler Communication

It’s kind of funny… for all of the troubles that Norton and I have had with toddler communication, Norton generally doesn’t have a hard time with making himself understood.  I’ve been a big blob of blah.  I know that I have been.  I’m pretty sure it can be difficult for Norton to cope with a Mom who has difficulties getting off of the couch sometimes… but today, he managed to work around my doldrums with some toddler communication in a not too subtle manner. [Read more…]

Why This Happy Mom Skipped Strong Start

Maybe I’m more of a rebellious mom than a happy mom.  Or maybe I’m a happy mom because I got smart.  Either way you slice it, I skipped out on doing something that I should do.

I might not be setting a great example in doing this.  Maybe it means that I’m really a lazy mom.

You know what?  I don’t care what it means.  All that I know is that I’m glad I did it.  No mommy guilt whatsoever. [Read more…]

Toddler Communication Has Nothing to do with Hearing

I’ve been working like mad with Norton on toddler communication.  We’ve gone to see the speech pathologist.  We’ve endured special torture in the form of Strong Start.  I’m doing everything that I know to do to help Norton with his toddler communication.

I’m his mom.  It’s what I’m supposed to do.

When we were at the speech pathologist a few weeks ago, she referred us to get Norton’s hearing checked out.  She didn’t think that he had a hearing problem.  I didn’t think he had a hearing problem.  His ability to follow complex instructions without any form of gestures reinforced that.  But still, it was good to have it ruled out.  It makes sense to eliminate the usual suspects when dealing with a delay in toddler talking. [Read more…]

Toddler Talking and Making Progress

I’ve been struggling with Norton and toddler talking.  As in, there hasn’t really been much toddler talking going on at all.  Today, we had a breakthrough.  At least, it felt like a breakthrough to me.

We received a list of “homework words” when we went to the speech and language pathologist, and we’ve been trying to integrate them into our day as often as possible.  If we know the signs, we sign it, too.  I’ve also been following some “instructions” from It Takes Two to Talk  and working around Norton’s Own Agenda Communication Style.  Today I was sitting on the floor with Norton in the dining room blowing bubbles.  Each time the bubbles were all popped, Norton would come up to me and wait for me to blow more.  Each time, I’d repeat “bubbles” and hope that he would imitate me using the word.  I’d also do the sign for bubbles. [Read more…]