Taking the 30 Day Toddler Play Challenge

I always worry about being a good mom.  I worry about toddler language delay and if Norton’s lack of toddler talking is my fault.  I worry that I don’t spend enough time engaging Norton in toddler play, even though I’ve already learned that he has an Own Agenda Communication Style (thanks to reading It Takes Two to Talk).  Really, I just worry and I’m always out to be a better mom.  I know that I’m also my own worst critic.

My big stumbling block is that with Norton’s Own Agenda Communication Style, he’s perfectly happy with keeping himself engaged in toddler play.  He has little interest in playing with me, and when he does, he climbs on me or plays peekaboo with me to let me know.  And so there’s that vicious cycle of wanting to play with Norton, failing or feeling like I’m “doing it wrong”, and the feeling like a flop as a mom.  I always tell myself that I need to do better, but I just don’t know how.

While I was doing my usual blog surfing this morning, I came across a challenge by Hands on as We GrowThe purpose is to get us down on the floor and just playing with our kids.  The 30 Day Hands On Challenge seemed to be exactly what I needed. [Read more…]

Toddler Communication – A Battle of Wills?

I’ve been trying a lot of things that the speech pathologist suggested when we went to intervention last week.  I know that Norton’s toddler talking is not quite up to speed and that he’s not using as many words as he should.  We’re all fairly certain that there’s no developmental reason for our toddler communication difficulties, so we’ve got a plan of attack to try to get things going.  Let me tell you, I’m starting to think that our toddler communication issues have nothing whatsoever to do with Norton’s abilities to actually improve his toddler talking.

I’m starting to think that this is a battle of wills.  I think this goes beyond toddler independence.  I think this is a stubborn toddler in action. [Read more…]

A Happy Mom Does Three for Thursday

My friend Evelyn started Three for Thursday months ago, but it’s something that I don’t do a whole lot of the time.  But this time?  I’m a happy mom with the time to do it.  Of course, I’m a happy mom with time to spare because Norton is watching Sesame Street.  But it’s not using the television as a baby-sitter if I’m in the room, right?

1. Three things that have kept me from blogging lately. [Read more…]

Toddler Talking? Not in my House

It Takes Two to Talk

I’ve spent a lot of time since Norton’s twelve month well visit worrying about toddler talking.  Sometimes I was sure he was okay with the lack of toddler talking because he at least understands… but toddler communication is a bit difficult when it’s one sided.  But we went to the language center and an interventionist evaluated him as “just fine” when he was assessed at thirteen months.

Now Norton is nearly nineteen months old.  His collection of words hasn’t grown much.  There’s “hi,” “mom,” “dad,” “milk,” “cheese,” and “dog.”  He doesn’t point for things.  I spent a lot of time worrying that my toddler not talking was due to some failure on my part.  (For the record, it has never occurred to me that there might be something wrong with Norton.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him, otherwise he wouldn’t understand as much as he does.) [Read more…]

YAY for Toddler Talking! (GP#20)

We’ve struggled with toddler talking.  I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if there was something that I was doing (or wasn’t doing) that was causing toddler talking to just not really happen.  I’ve tried getting Norton into Baby Signs DVDs so that maybe he’ll use his little hands to communicate since words aren’t really happening.  Of course, that leads to feelings of inadequacy and wondering if it’s my own short comings that are inhibiting toddler communication. [Read more…]

A Happy Toddler Makes Silly Sounds