LeapFrog Tag Junior – Not this Christmas

LeapFrog Tag JuniorWhile the husband and I were out together (without children!) doing our Christmas shopping, we stopped and looked at the LeapFrog Tag Junior.  The LeapFrog Tag Junior is an interesting little device.  Like the first LeapFrog toy we’d ever had (for Andy, around ten years ago), it’s a device that will read stories to your children with a pen touching the words.

For Andy, we got it with the hope of it helping him read.  Instead, though, he dragged the pen across the page and let it read to him.  (Back then, it was a terribly monotone voice thing.  The newer incarnations of LeapFrog reading devices have gotten much better.)

Considering how much I love everything else that we have that’s by LeapFrog, some might be surprised that we’re skipping the LeapFrog Tag Junior… especially considering Norton is the right age for it now.  So why are we skipping an awesome tech-y gadget?  LeapFrog Tag and Tag Junior read to your child from expensive books with technology built in the pages so that the pen sensor can “read” them.  In essence, it will read to your child for you.

I don’t want gadgets to read to Norton for me.  I want to spend that time with Norton to read to him.  I want to do what I can to promote early reading.  I want him to sit down with my husband for story time, too.

Some of the most wonderful fun times that Norton and I have together are when we’re snuggled up over a Spot the puppy book.  When we read a Spot Loves story, it always ends with that grown up snuggling up with Spot or giving him a big hug.  Norton will turn to those pages repeatedly because I snuggle him and give him kisses when we read that part of the book.  I don’t want to blow off those occasions with a pen.

My husband and I have agreed that we never want to have the “problem” of being too busy to read to our children.  Maybe when Norton is starting to learn sight words, it’ll be time to consider a Tag device.  But not right now.

Do you have the LeapFrog Tag Junior or Tag?  How do you (and your kids) like it?