Shaving Cream Letters

Dollar Store Preschool Shaving Cream Letters | Retro Modern Melissa

This is the first post of Dollar Store Preschool. I’m sharing ways to do preschool homeschool at home using things I purchased at The Dollar Store (and some recycled things).

If you’re looking for a fun way for your little one to start practicing their letters, look no further than your bathroom. Grab a can of shaving cream, squirt it on a surface and let your munchkin scribble away! We use a round pizza pan (makes for easier clean up, and we use it for other things too), but you could use a tabletop if you want. Bonus: it’ll clean the surface! Do test a small inconspicuous area first. Warning: It does get messy and your child might get a little carried away. I recommend keeping a damp towel on hand for quick clean up. And you don’t need a lot. Um, yeah, I used too much. 😀

Shaving Cream Letters- Fun and Messy! | Retro Modern Melissa